A Little Nature, A Little Photography

Our break time adventures have been a little less adventurousness this break but we did finally get out of the house and to the botanical gardens today. It was the perfect day for it. Not too hot for walking around in the morning but by the time we made it over to the splash pads, it was not too chilly for that. Our nature study topic is fish so we had to swing by the Koi feeding bridge. These guys were huge! I mean, the size of a dog huge! You really can't tell from the pictures. And we actually got to feed them thanks to a couple who were finishing up and gave their extras to the kids. (I'm really not too cheap to buy the $0.25 of food from the dispenser but I never remember to bring a quarter. Same with Aldi!)

I took a few pictures for Lucy to draw later because Norah was determined to climb in over the bridge so it really wasn't a good time to stop and draw right there 

Those were all phone pictures but I actually brought my camera and took some nice pictures of the kids. And don't they clean up nice!


I stopped doing all the editing/cropping after this point but I had to include a few more because you see how quickly a photo session with three kids turns to chaos. But I actually love this next one maybe best of all of the group shots. 

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