Things I Love: Primary

I am very picky when it comes to kids clothing. I like well-made, bright and colorful clothing that makes it easy for kids to play. I feel like this should be easier to find that it often is. Fun patterns like stripes or polka dots are okay but I'm not a big fan of characters or words. And I keep kids wardrobes very small. I could be trendy and say I use the capsule wardrobe system but really, its just common sense. Unless you want to be washing tons of clothes and picking them up when they spread them all over the floor trying to find that favorite pair of shorts, don't buy tons of clothes for your kids!)

Of course, I've got to compromise, Jonah's in a big super hero phase and I think three out of the four articles of clothing he wore to the grocery store had batman on it and that's okay, they can have opinions...I say that like I allow it but honestly, they'd have opinions even if I didn't allow it. Pretty strong ones too. I guess my selectiveness has rubbed off on them because boy are they are picky too!

 Lucy likes play dresses and skirts but nothing bunchy or thick. Jonah likes black and grey. And more black and grey. He's really particular about fit which is hard because he's super skinny! And he doesn't like anything on his shirts normally. Current exception being superheroes or things he's asked me to paint on them (like the wild thing shirt I've made in two sizes that he still squeezes into). Until these new ones came, the only three shirts he would wear were all handmade ones that barely fit but I haven't had time lately to sew more. Norah should be the easy one but she's already giving me her opinion about clothes and insisting on picking out her own stuff. Lucy really likes it when Norah matches her and now Jonah's starting to feel like he needs to match too. What I'm saying is  - it's a crazy mess trying to get people dressed around here!

In the past, we've done a lot of Hannah Andersson stuff and I still love it Hanna but it's pricey. They tend to get it for presents or I find things on ebay. Another issue I have with Hannah stuff is that the majority of the dresses in the summer tend to be strappy which doesn't fit with our family's modesty standards. So when I saw Primary clothing, I was intrigued. But I didn't know anyone who actually ordered from there so I just kept it in the back of my mind. Recently they had a free shipping/free return promo (although now it looks like its sticking around! yay!)  so I figured I had nothing to lose.

So far, I love it. The kids love it! I didn't take any pictures specifically for this post. I just grabbed some I took on my phone the last few weeks. It wasn't hard because they are the first ones they grab these days.  

Jonah got a grey and a black tee, a pair pair of red shorts and a pair of orange gym shorts. He seems happy enough to wear colors for bottoms which helps prevent the "preschool emo" look he's had recently.

Lucy has a purple sleeveless tee dress, a red short sleeve dress and a blue tee (the regular, not the slim) and green pocket skirt. The pocket skirt is my favorite, I just think it is adorable. Plus a bunch of undershorts. I really like the fit of the undershorts, they are shorter but not too tight. She also got a few of the non-knit items and liked them okay but when I said if she didn't like them as much as the knit, we could send them back and get knit, she asked to do that. So we'll be getting a few knit more dresses and skirts. She's normally in a 6/7 so that's what I ordered and it fits but is a tad short (she's on the tall/skinny side) so I do think I'll go up a size next time.

I didn't try any clothes for Norah as she had lots of hand me downs but now that I know what Lucy likes, I will probably add a few matching dresses in for Norah on our next order. Jonah's already requested "more grey shirts so I don't have to wait for you to wash them." And we didn't try pajamas but I love 100% cotton pajamas so I'm sure it won't be long. 

Overall, I love the idea - and the execution. The prices are reasonable, especially if you buy multiples. The quality is great. The thickness of the cotton is spot-on. So much these days is really thin and the kids rip right through it but as I've said, Lucy is very particular about things being "too thick" but no complaint here. The fact that I can now get comfy dresses for my girls in colors like orange and green is amazing!

And just so you know, this isn't a sponsored review. Primary didn't send me or give me anything nor as I am affiliate (although if that's a thing, I'l like to be!). I just held back on buying it for too long because I was unsure but this family gives Primary Clothing two thumbs up!


  1. Thanks for this review, MacKenzie! Primary has been on my radar for a while but I have never purchased anything. I am looking for plain play dresses, but I can tell from the pictures that they run short, so I have held off. But I may branch out and try them for the winter when my girls are always wearing leggings underneath anyway. I appreciate hearing from someone who has used them! :)

  2. We have some primary stuff and I like it a lot! I was a sucker and got some non-knit stuff that is so wrinkly & I'm lazy so it will be knit from her on out.