Bathroom Complete!

So way back last summer, I shared this mood board of the bathroom renovation. And then I left ya

hanging. Sorry! The bathroom was 98% done by December and we've had several guests use it but we had some issues getting the shower door installed and I was being stubborn about sharing pictures until it was done.  But today, we had success! The shower door is installed and I can happily say the bathroom is 100% done. Which is more done that any other room in the house because I've always got projects and plans filed away in the deep recesses of my brain. This was that "someday way down the road" project when we first moved in so it still seems a bit surreal that its happened but I love it! And I think guests that visit will too. Okay, enough jabbering, some pictures.

Ignore the rest of the basement behind me. It's not as pretty but baby steps!

 It's got Pluto! But its supposed to be retro and Pluto was a real planet back in the 50s ;-)

This shot above is probably the most accurate color. It's more of a teal than the blue that the other pictures show. 

I pretty much stuck to the mood board. We did end up having to go with a different mirror. Because of the window, we needed a short height and the studs there were not in a good place and most "bathroom" mirrors needed studs but just when I was about to fall into the depths of despair, I found this just sitting in Target, for much less than I had budgeted for! Craig also helped me make the shelves. Now we have a guest bedroom* and a bathroom so anyone want to come visit?

*I could have sworn I put up the "after" pictures for the basement bedrooms Craig remodeled for me but I can't find them. Will do that soon!

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