Stop with the free stuff already.

That is what I have a feeling you will probably say after reading this. But I am not going to, even though this one isn't even a real free thing, just a contest and a possibility of a free thing. Yet I'm still gonna post.

Yep, I'm shameless and am using my blog to get more entries in a drawing for a free handbag at handbagplanet. But to make it at least somewhat interesting for you readers I will tell you that I am a boring handbag person and if you want proof you can go to that website. You have to pick which of the handbags you want and I am pretty sure I picked the most boring of them all, hour 6. It was kinda hard because I was trying to be real logical about it before deciding that it doesn't matter, I never win anything and went with something I would actually use if I did win.

My whole thought process kinda reminded me of Indiana Jones, like I had to decide which bag Jesus would have used. And obviously, had I gone with the hour 14 bag, which is bright pink with a bow, my chances of winning would have been higher because who else would have picked that one. But then trying to find someway to incorporate it into my wardrobe would have put me in as much pain as Donovan after he used the wrong grail. Because death and bad fashion are definitely on the same level.


  1. No, that was fun. I chose the 11 hour bag just for a walk on the tamer side of wild, because though it is an animal print, a giraffe is still pretty benign.

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  3. I picked the 17 hour bag... I like to live on the wild side. (i had to delete my first comment because I put the wrong hour).

  4. Im not going to lie, I dont think hour 14 is horrible. It'd be cute for a night out. and I'm not a 'hot pink' person