Christmas Song Ponderings

  • There is one line in "Winter Wonderland" that really bothers me.
    And pretend that he is Parson Brown. He'll say are you married? We'll say No man...
What? "No, man?" That just doesn't really seem like something someone would say to a pastor, even an imaginary one. Unless of course you go to a modern church on beach in California perhaps but not a happy frolicking couple from 1934. Does that bother anyone else? I hope so.
  • Who names their kid Bing? (After writing this, I looked it up and apparently his real name was Harry. I feel better knowing that.)
  • The advent study we are doing this year is published by a Presbyterian Church. It's pretty good - except the hymns. We sing* a hymn after each lesson and so far I have only really known one of them. With so many nice Christmas hymns, is it really necessary to give us ones such as "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming," "Thou Who Wast Rich Beyond All Splendor" and "Once in Royal David's City"? Are those common in the Presbyterian church or do the authors of this study just like to pick unusual hymns?
  • Why do I dislike Jazzy Christmas songs except when they are sung by Harry Connick Jr? I heard a song and realized it was a jazz remix so was about to turn it when I heard H.C.J.'s voice and decided to stop and listen because I knew I would like it. That doesn't make sense. Am I just just too biased against jazz to even give it a try? Or is there something about him that overcomes what I don't normally like about jazz? I don't know. I would try listening to other jazz songs to find out but I don't think I want to.
  • I really like the song,"Mary, Did You Know", but I find myself answering some of the questions with "Yes, she did, the angel told her, duh!" But I still do think it's a really sweet song.

*It's just the two of us and since we don't know the hymns, trying to actually sing them would be painful. Craig either reads the words aloud or we listen to it on YouTube.


  1. It feels like we never sing anything good at the Presbyterian Church Neal and I go to. Maybe Presbyterians just aren't good at hymns.

    Unfortunately, the "no man" has never bothered me.

  2. I've wondered the same thing about the "no man" I guess it's all they could think of to rhyme with snowman. who knew that the writer was so progressive and ahead of his time?

  3. "No man" never bothered me, either. But, since you bring it up, it will from now on. Thanks for giving me another weapon in my "cranky old man" arsenal!
    I would only name my son "Bing" if my last name was cherry. Check that, I would TRY to call him "Bing." Don't think my wife would let me get away with it.
    OK, now it's my turn for some Christmas carol ponderings. How about this...
    "A child, a child, shivering in the cold. We will bring him silver and gold."
    Not for nothin', I think a shivering kid would appreciate a blanket instead of silver and gold.
    I'm just sayin'...