Amy Beth So Fabulous

I wrote the post below earlier but I want need to post again to let you know about a special women that needs your prayers. Her name is Amy Beth and she blogs over at Ministry So Fabulous. We are the same age and although our life circumstances are very different, after reading a few of her posts, you'll realize why I feel like we must be kindred spirits. Normally, I love her writing about big hair and her life with two puppies but right now, I feel glued to her blog because she needs prayers.

I could be writing about how she is recovering from mono and pneumonia because her PCOS is weakening her immune system. Or I could be writing about how she just found out a few days ago that even though she is only 25, she might have to have a hysterectomy. But I'm not. She is asking for prayers because right now she is helping a single dad cope with his hospitalized two-year old Olivia. She fell into a pool and is in critical condition. Amy Beth is helping him with his other two daughters and supporting him at the hospital. Because while she has lots of other things going on in her life, she is always there for those that need her, that is the type of gal she is. So please pray for Amy Beth and Olivia. And see Ministry so Fabulous for more updates.

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