Question of the Day!

Since I know several of my readers like to garden, I thought I would pick your brain for a second. Our plants seem to be growing well for now. I'm starting to harden off the peppers and tomatoes and this weekend we will be moving them into bigger pots but still keeping them inside at night for another few weeks. The lettuce is looking yummy. The problem is the peas.

They are growing nice and big, not too tall but this type is supposed to be more bushy and doesn't need staking so that shouldn't be a problem. But the bottom leaves are beginning to turn brown. Is that a normal occurrence, since they are being shielded from the sun by the bigger, higher leaves? Or it a sign of a problem? The plants so seem fairly close together in the pot but we did follow the package directions on spacing. Any ideas?


  1. We aren't experts... infact we make a lot of mistakes... but that happens with most of our plants and we still bring in a good "crop." We just pick/cut off the yellow leaves on the bottom. They aren't helping the plant and they are taking valuable nutrition away from it. I think it's fine. If you start to see spots or if some of the upper leaves turn yellow then you might have problems.

  2. Oh good, that's what I was hoping people would say. I'm just so nervous they will all die.