...and then they bought a house

Yep, you read that right. We put an offer in on a house this Friday and Saturday it was accepted!

But hmm, do you remember us talking about buying a house, finding a Realtor or looking at any houses? Nope? Well, it's not because you weren't paying attention.

Craig and I had talked about buying a house and had looked around our area and set a budget and a timeline that seemed to work well with what we thought the economy would do and our plans for the few year. But we weren't even going to start looking until 2011. Then a friend's neighbors were moving and so she (the friend) put up the house listing on her Facebook wall. It was priced really well and looked cute except for the kitchen which was super small and way outdated so after spending maybe 10 minutes looking at the pictures online, we went off to other things without a second thought.

Until about 5-6 days later after I had kept thinking about it. Finally, last Saturday I broke down and asked Craig if he thought maybe we should at least look at it. He jumped at the idea! We made an appointment to view it on Tuesday and in my heart I just "knew" that I wasn't going to like it as well as I thought and it was going to be waaayy to small and that would be that. But that wasn't that.

Long story short, one week later and unless something happens with the inspection tomorrow (cross your fingers!) or the financing, it should be ours by the end of the month. It seems fast to us but we prayed about it and really do feel like God just handed us this house. And like my mom said when I called to ask if this was wise, "Sometimes you just gotta jump when the Spirit says jump."


  1. :) congratulations! I'm so happy you can finally have your chickens and victory garden!

  2. Awesome! (How did you resolve the small kitchen issue?)

  3. Rachel,

    I told her to suck it up.