Long Underwear

One of the First World problems I have long dealt with is having my dress shirts repeatedly come untucked during the day. I determined rather long ago that the problem was my Hanes/Fruit of the Loom undershirts. They were not very long, so they easily became untucked, taking my shirts with them. I looked into buying some long undershirts awhile ago, but never got around to it.

I returned to this problem when I was trying to think of a Christmas gift to ask for from MacKenzie's family. They like to give pajamas, but I'm not really a pajama guy (not that I sleep nekkid or anything). So I thought, hey, why not ask for long undershirts for our early Christmas celebration?

Well, I ended up in a situation where I got to select and purchase my own present. I went to Macy's, because MacKenzie's research indicated their Alfani brand was a good choice. I found some shirts, and asked the salesman if the undershirts in question were indeed long. He said they were not. I called MacKenzie to confirm her findings, which contradicted the salesman, and then I found an open pack on the shelf. I took a shirt into the dressing room to try on, and found that the shirts were indeed a good 4" longer than my Hanes shirt (I informed the salesman of this fact). I bought both a V-neck and a crew neck package (another First World problem of mine is that many dress shirts place the next-to-top button too low, so if I wear a V-neck shirt, I'm showing too much of the chest area (I normally don't wear a tie, and thus I don't button the top button). Therefore, I prefer to wear crew-neck shirts in these situations, even though I'd rather not).

I have been wearing these shirts for 3 days now. They indeed stay tucked in, allowing my dress shirts to also stay tucked in. These shirts are rather stretchy, too, giving them a tighter fit (you can buy them in ~5% spandex, too, for an even tighter fit, but for twice the price). They are also tagless, a great feature that has become standard in the undershirt world. I have not washed and reworn any shirts yet, so I can't comment on how they stand up. These shirts are about twice the price of the Hanes model, but so far, they are well worth it.

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