Toddler Tuesdays: Halloween edition

Ah, Halloween, a not at all controversial subject amoung Christians, right? Growing up, we never went trick or treating. Sometimes we went to church parties, sometimes we didn't do anything although my parents relaxed over the years so by the time my little brother was old enough, he went. There are some Christian families that I respect and admire that choose not to celebrate Halloween. And there are some Christian familes that I respect and admire that choose to celebrate Halloween. I always assumed we would do (or should I say, not do) the same but Craig thinks it is fun so we this year, we did Halloween.

If by "did" you mean, I took 10 minutes to put together a costume for Lucy and 15 minutes taking her to the nearest 5 houses, let her eat 2 pieces of candy, then put her to bed. I didn't even have the energy to decorate a pumpkin. We really know how to live it up around here :-)

She was a prisoner. My friend has passed down this really cute romper but everytime I put Lucy in it, Craig made fun of me, saying I was dressing her up like a prisoner. So I went with it. All I did was add the number (masking tape and pen on an old nametag from my mom's volunteering days). It was pretty fitting considering we were walking around Fort Leavenworth. Although I think the shoes broke the outfit, I'm not sure a lot of real prisoners wear shoes with pink kittens on them.

But anyway, the real reason for this post is pictures for the Craig, Bubbie, Grandpa and Grandma. And because I promised lots of pictures, I'm providing LOTS of pictures. Be forewarned.


My dad was trying to get the candy bowl ready so he could hand out the candy but Lucy didn't understand that her candy was coming later so she was living up to her criminal costume.

While we were getting ready, I told her that if she said "Hi" to everyone, they would give her candy. So she started walking around the house waving at us all.

Why, that is quite the adorable little girl I see!

Uhm, there isn't anything in my bag mom. 

The little black bag was supposed to be part of her costume, like a garbage bag for a chain gang member. But I think it ended up looking like I was too cheap to buy her a $1 plastic pumpkin.

 Off we go!


 At the first house, she was quite unsure. Then she saw their cat and didn't want to leave. But eventually she caught on and had fun, although she didn't seem to understand why people were giving her candy but I wasn't letting her eat it. 

Her favorite spot was grandpa's candy bowl. She kept going up and getting candy from him then going back down the stairs again only to go right back. I guess she figured if it worked once, why not keep trying! And of course, how could he say no this this?

 He couldn't! I did let her share two pieces with me. She seemed to enjoy them but we were quickly approaching bedtime since she brought out her sleepy face.

So we went in to share some candy with Bubbie and say goodnight. 

Not a big event, but a fun one nonetheless.


  1. Such a cutie! I think she had the right idea: why walk around outside if Grandpa has a nice stash of candy so handy? ;) (P.S. I would probably totally wear her outfit. I love stripes!)

    And you're definitely right about the controversy. I've been accused of "near child abuse" by some fellow Christians because we allow our children to trick or treat. {sigh} Oh, well. I'm used to it: we get the same thing because we "do" Christmas but not Santa Claus. I give up on making everyone happy.

    Sorry for the vent!

  2. So very cute! Very creative use of something you already own. We aren't sure where we land on the Halloween spectrum of celebration, but I know that I prefer unique homemade costumes to store-bought ones.

  3. Great costume! She makes a very cute criminal. :) I love the extra touch of the garbage bag.

  4. Adorable costume (on a very adorable little lady)! We do Halloween to an extent at our house--as in carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating--but I try not to make it a huge deal. I have some Christian friends who think we're heathens for doing any of it and others that swear it's their favorite holiday and go all out for it. I have to admit I love the first year a child catches on to the fun of getting candy for the face always shows such sheer delight and awe in the whole experience. (Of course, having a grandpa ready to play along makes it even better!) Loved the photo of your mom and Lucy--there is quite a resemblance between the two of them.