And these are my children

I'm pretty sure nobody other than the kid's relatives care to see a bunch of pictures of them opening up presents so I've saved those facebook but these made me laugh so I thought I'd share. They are a series I took later on that morning and they could not be better representations of the differences between the two of them. Keep in mind that these were taken over an hour long period of time.

Jonah - Playing with a new Christmas toy

Lucy - Playing with a new Christmas toy

Jonah - Playing with a trash can he dragged out of the kitchen

Jonah - Playing with deodorant  (don't worry, it was a brand new "stocking stuffer")

Lucy - Still playing with her new Christmas toy
Jonah - Playing with another Christmas toy

Jonah - Playing with a twistie tie from the box of a new Christmas toy

Jonah - Taking daddy's notetaking pen and paper while he's trying to make a phone call.

Lucy - Still playing :-)

Jonah - Using Lucy's stick unicorn to drag a chair around the house

Lucy - Still playing - but now she's added her horse stables to make a bigger set.

Jonah eating kissing his horsie. 

Stick unicorn attacks the vet clinic. Play times over.

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  1. LOL…why am I not surprised! They are both soooo cute. Miss you guys already! Next time we will have the pool all warmed up so make sure they can swim.
    Love you,
    Dad (aka Grandpa Cav)