The Things She Says

Lucy: What is this? Have we ever eaten this? Do I like this?
Me: Spaghetti? Yes, you've had spaghetti before. Almost every week. And you like it.
Lucy: Oh, it is quite delicious.

Lucy: What is this? Pizza? I don't think I like Pizza.
Me: Kids love pizza. Some kids even ask for pizza for their birthday meal.
Lucy: I ask for cake.
Me: Cake is a birthday dessert but pizza is often a birthday dinner.
Lucy: Yum. Pizza!

Lucy: May I try that? (pointing to cranberry bars)
Me: You may, but I'm not sure you'll like it. It's kind of a grown-up dessert.
Lucy: Oh, surely, surely I will. (And she did).

Lucy: I'm not going to marry a prince when I grow up. Just a regular boy.
Craig: Oh, what is he going to look like?
Lucy: You!(Daddy's heart breaks from the sweetness) But we'd better get a bigger table. And when I have babies they will sleep with me in your bed with you and mommy but when they get bigger they can move to my room.

The questions continue but are getting harder to answer:
-Do the other bees sling the queen bees babies for her?
-How will I get to heaven if I don't have wings?
-Do cats go to heaven?
-Can Jonah lie?

Lucy: When kids disobey, they have consequences so I'm going to obey - except when you can't see me, they I can disobey and you won't know.
Me: Well, mommy's are really good about finding out about disobeying even if they aren't right there.
Lucy: Eyes widen - REALLY?! Okay, I'll obey then.

She's really going strong with reading and gets so excited about every word during our lessons. Her enthusiasm is wonderful but tiring:

T-h-e. The! The what? Let's find out!
The f-o-x. The fox? What about the fox? I'll keep going!
The fox s-a-t. The fox sat! Where did the fox sit? Let's see where!
The fox sat o-n. What did it sit on? I want to know!
The fox sat on the b-o-x. The fox sat on the box? Why would it do that! That's so silly!

Lucy: I'm so excited! My heart is so happy right now. I'm just going to keep all the happy in my heart so I can smile whenever I want! (FYI - She was happy about naptime. I don't know why. She normally doesn't really like naptime.)

And a couple seasonal ones:

Me reading: And he stuffed the whole thing up the chimbley.
Lucy: Why do you keep saying chimbley? It's chimNEY!
Me: insert Dr. Seuss likes silly words explanation here
Lucy: Well, please don't say that anymore. Just say chimney. I think Chimbley is a RUDE WORD!

Lucy's favorite Christmas song is "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas." I did not introduce it to her, she heard it on the radio and now she loves it and sings it all the time. Sometimes she says she really does want one, other times she says she doesn't want a hippopotamos because she wants an ox instead. So when we opened up our ornament tote and found two hippopotamus ornaments that my brother and sister-in-law had given us last year, she got really excited. Then she took a good look at them and told me "I was really expecting something bigger." Sorry kid, that's as big as you get.

We set up our Christmas tree last night. Right now Lucy is sitting on the couch looking at it and saying "This is our Christmas tree. It has a big brown star. And white lights. And Red bulbs. And pretty nutcrackers. I wasn't sure it was going to fit because it is so big but daddy got it in. People sometimes say "Oh, I love this Christmas tree" I think she likes it.


  1. Sigh…there cannot be a cuter girl in the world, but of course some people may claim I am bias a bit toward my Granddaughter! I don't think so though…it is just the truth! :<)

    I can hardly wait to see Lucy and Jonah! It will be a great Christmas. The last three have been a bit rough, but this one is going to be fantastic.

  2. So glad you're keeping track of these things she says. I think Lucy and Miss Lili would make a formidable pair! ;)

  3. I always just say "stuffed them, one by one, up the chimney" - chimbley bothers me, too, and the regular word is a near enough rhyme to scan just fine. Ha!