No Sugar Challenge - Week 3

Day 15 - I need to stop looking at Pinterest during craving-intense periods. That is all.

Day 16 - Rethinking some things. I'm sure I'll have more to say later (let's face it - when do I not have more to say :-) but I think I need to go the opposite direction and try and make sure I have some carbs in the afternoon.

Day 17 - Church Ladies Night Potluck = complete and utter fail. Moving on.

Day 18 - Had a slice of bread with butter for my afternoon snack. Instead of feeling like I needed to snack all afternoon, that was enough.

Day 19 - That's one way to avoid cravings, sleep through them! Jonah slept very poorly last night so we all took a long nap and didn't wake up until 4pm so I didn't really even have time to snack before dinner. Then his late nap meant it took me almost 2 hours to put him to bed at which point I was exhausted so no bedtime snack either. Not my favorite way to avoid sugar but I guess it worked.

Day 21 - Slipping. Both in my resolve and my recording. That said, the last few days have gone really well because I've started listening to my body's demands for carbs in the afternoon. I realized I'm doing really well with high protein/healthy fat breakfasts and have been doing decently at moving away from a super high carb lunch (replacing the daily pb&j with soups and leftovers) but that means that by 2pm, I do need some energy. Not a bad thing as long as I plan for it and don't resort to cookies and sugary muffins to get those carbs.

Day 23 - Getting ready to go away for the weekend tomorrow so I'm halting the experiment. I won't go all cookie monster and eat every piece of sugar in sight but I just know it is hard to control at restaurants and I'm not going to stress about about it. I am packing a lot of healthy snacks like hardboiled eggs, fruit and cheese sticks as well as our first lunch though so we'll see how it goes.

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