The things she says

While at my dad's, looking out the window at my brother's dogs (including this infamous one). For reasons that are obvious if you have read that linked post, they stayed in the backyard away from the kids. Lucy didn't seem to remember anything about "the incident" - at least not consciously. This conversation may reveal her subconscious:

Lucy: Look at the dogs out the window, mommy. I'm pretending they are mine. The brown dog (IRL  - Deacon) I've named Kip. The black dog (IRL - Kip) I've named Satan. 
Me: Satan? Oh, that's a interesting name.
Lucy: Yes, I made it up. Satan - don't you think it's a good name for a dog?
Me: Yes, I think it is an excellent name for that dog :-)

Lucy: Are babies wee tiny people?

Since we don't have a tv and only watch netflix on the computer, Lucy enjoyed my dad's giant tv but didn't quite understand how it worked. After a meltdown or two after we explained how tv shows work and how we can't pick exactly what we want to watch, she seemed to understand - kinda.

Lucy: Uncle Rick? Can you take the phone and turn on the computer where we have to watch whatever is on like the radio.
Uncle Rick: What?
Me: She wants you to take the remote and turn on the cable so she can watch tv. 

But she quickly learned cable has its downsides too. Sesame Street came on and Lucy's response: Hey! I don't think this a good show for kids. It has monsters!

Look! I've built the most medium tower in the world!

Me: Did you have fun helping Daddy in the basement?
Lucy: Yes. Mommy, I really like Daddy.
Mommy: You do? Me too!
Lucy: Really?

Lucy: When we get chickens, can I hold them?
Me: Yes, if you're careful.
Lucy: Can I pet them?
Me: Yes.
Lucy: Can I feed them?
Me: Yes.
Lucy: Can I smooch them?
Me: No
Lucy (crying): Oh, but I want to smooch them. I'm just going to love them so so much.

Lucy: So liquids are things you pour and they go whoosh (arm gestures included).
Me: Yes, that's right.
Lucy: And solids you can't really pour like that.
Me: No, not really.
Lucy: So what about poop? Is that a liquid or a solid?
Me: Well, let's talk about it when we aren't eating lunch.

Craig and I decided to fix up the bathroom a bit starting with a new floor. We discussed this after the kids were in bed and did not tell Lucy. Two days later, completely unprompted, she walks out of the bathroom and...

Lucy: Mommy. You know what I love. The bathroom floor. I love all the little squares and rectangles. I just love it. Note: She has NEVER mentioned her love of the bathroom floor before. Not that her opinion would have changed our plans but it might have been nice to know.
Me: Actually Lucy, Daddy and I are going to put new tile on the floor in a few days. I think you'll like it to.
Lucy: Oh no! I love it. (Tears falling). I just love it so so much. What will happen to my squares and rectangles?!
Craig: The new tiles will be squares too. Bigger ones.
Lucy: Glares at him. Noooo!

Lucy: You know, I'm just not going to say "Thank You" to Jonah anymore. He never says "You're Welcome"

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