Our new houseguests

They are here! Aren't they cute? The kids certainly think so. Jonah had trouble going to sleep last night because he kept crying "Cheep cheep" and doing the chicken sign.

 Pictures are hard not just because of the red light but I really need an extra hand. I don't quite trust my littlest chicken lover not to be a too rough if I get distracted with the camera. But surprisingly, Lucy has been a bit nervous to touch them, she keeps asking but when I hold them out for her, she changes her mind. I think she's afraid she'll hurt them but maybe tomorrow.

The naming process was also a hard for her, she did not like our suggestions at first but we finally decided that each of us (excluding Jonah) would name one set. If you want to play a little guessing game, can you match the sets to their namers?

Mary and Rakel - Buff Orpingtons
Henrietta and Jane - Silver Laced Wyandottes
Letitia and Rose - Gold Laced Wyandottes

Let the chicken obsessing begin!

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