Bathroom complete!

It's done and I'm loving in. I really only expected to make it tolerable with this mini-makeover but
I actually really like how it all came together and I've learned to embrace the yellow and gold. And as you'll see below, I even picked out a gold frame to add more gold to the space! Crazy!

After I did the big stuff I realized I did want color and I really wanted a Katie Daisy print. So Craig and I picked one that we both liked (notably one without a cute saying on it) and then of course, I needed some fabric.

This is where I always do things the wrong way. You really should start with your fabric and then try to find paint and other things that match. It's much easier that way. I never do that which means that in this case I was looking for a fabric with my base colors of yellow and grey plus my accent colors of bright pink and lime green. Easy peasy, right? Not so much. But I just happened to stumble upon a moda print that almost worked and then I searched for a bunch of moda charm packs and found the perfect one! The fates aligned!

I had really only planned to use fabric to extend the shower curtain but I loved this set so much I made room for a charm pack by making a bunting for the window. I've always loved buntings but have never been able to incorporate any into my decor until now. And buntings from charm packs are so simply - just fold the square in half, cut it with pinking shears and sew them together in binding. I didn't measure or mark anything. And I picked out my favorite fabric of the bunch for the shower curtain, cut a straight line across the old one and added about 7 inches of new material between them. I thought that would look a little less like I was trying to extend the shower curtain than adding it to the bottom might have :-) 

As far as cost goes, this mini-make-over ran us about $250 total. That includes everything from tiles, grout, paint and primer to fabric, print from etsy, frame and new knobs from Hobby Lobby and new towels. All but $50 or so of that was giftcards (Home Depot and Kohl's from Christmas presents and a random Visa card we got for filling out an questionnaire with our new healthy insurance) so I'm really happy with the bang we got for our buck.  

But enough chatting, here's
  • the bunting

  • the extended shower curtain, 

(complete with little helper because I couldn't possibly be allowed in the bathroom by myself)

  • new pink knob (will be new knobS as soon as Craig gets a chance to cut off that stripped screw so I can put the new one in place),

  • sconces for the medicine cabinet

And all together - 



But if I'm trying to stick with the authentic stuff, it really looks like this most of the time. We are a one bathroom, three potty household - but at least now that one bathroom is cute!

To see where we started, check out Bathroom mini-makeover part 1 and part 2

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