If you give a wife a wax ring...

Our bathroom (yes, we only have one) is easily the most dated room in the house. It has harvest gold tiles all around the room to about chair rail height in addition to the entire shower. Then there are white accent tiles with sparkly gold animal cutouts. Then the floor is small white and yellow tiles. Yellow - not gold - as in, they don't match each other. The medicine cabinet has built it lights that are fake gold. All the grout is, you guessed it, gold! When we moved in, we painted the walls white and when we painted the closet we could tell that at one point, even the walls were yellow/gold at one point. Now, I like yellow. My kitchen and dining area are yellow, but it has its limits.

Anyway, when we moved in, I went the "cover it up with white shower curtain and white towels" route and we've manged to survive with it looking like this for the past 3 years. Mostly I just liked to pretend it didn't exist.

But last week, Craig mentioned that there was a tiny leak under the toilet so he was going to need my help to lift it up and replace the wax ring. Easy peasy, right?

But then I had an idea! Craig just loooovves it when I get ideas. See, I've been thinking on and off about the bathroom floor and what we could do. It was the worst part of the room. Even if it wasn't that awful shade of non-matching yellow, it was really hard to clean. The grout was gross. One time I tried to use a toothbrush to scrub it all but all that did was make it various shades of grey and it took so long I had to do a little every day and by the time I got to the door, a week or so later, the far wall was already in need of it again. I don't have time to scrub my bathroom grout with a toothbrush every day. Plus there was a little area near the front of the toilet where the little tiles had cracked and crumbled which basically made it a funnel for any liquid to get sucked under the toilet. Can you think of anything worse for a family with a a small potty training boy. Now that you are completely disgusted, you will see why I took my opportunity when I saw it.

So we decided to put in groutable vinyl tiles. But if I was going to get a new floor, I really should paint the vanity and mirror to match. The vanity looks white but actually has a light blue wash over it. All done in a flat paint. Yes, flat!

And if I was going to paint the vanity, I need new knobs for the vanity. New art work. Matching towels! And before you can say "Bob's your uncle" I'm planning a mini-bathroom make-over. Fun! We started Monday and are cooking right along. I just finished grouting and we'll let it dry over the next few days. I hope to have some better pictures for you next week!

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