I don't know what got into me this year but I was all about the resolutions and goal setting - even more so than usual. I won't share them all but here are a few of the more lighthearted ones:
  • Read 50 books. I think this is pretty reasonable but then again, I don't usually keep track of what I read so I might find myself in November dashing to the library a lot. And I want to challenge myself to keep going with some harder books so I have to balance quality with quantity but I'm hoping a concrete goal will help me decide to pick up a book and not the kindle when I've got a spare 5 minutes. Of course, this also means I have to keep track of them somehow. I might start using my goodreads account or maybe I'm just keep a running list somewhere. 
  • Keep a commonplace book. I've been wanting to start one for a while but just haven't gotten around to it.  But I've started and am already on page 2. Of course, all my quotes so far are from the Charlotte Mason book I'm reading so it's more like a Charlotte Mason quote book than a commonplace book but the year is young!
  • Exercise 2x a week. I did good getting regular exercise while pregnant but then Jonah was born and I never started up again. This week was the first time I did any set program since then (yes, he's 15 months old, I know!) and three days later and I can finally sit down or stand up without being in pain. This is sad. Also sad was the fact that I didn't even do the hard or moderate workout. Oh no, I was doing the easy one for the mom's who "just had a baby." My former black belt, avid pilates doing self would be heartbroken. The 2x a week is really just until the weather turns nice then I hope to get us out hiking again several times a week. I really prefer getting my exercise naturally by walking and hiking but that doesn't work December - March. 
  • Get chickens. I really really want them but every year we end up saying, next year. But not this year, this year it will happen!
  • Work on my cooking skills. I'm already a pretty good cook but I feel like I rely on recipes too much and would like to build some of my basic skills. My brother got me this spiffy Julia Child's Art of French Cooking set and I'll be working through the sections one or two at a time starting with soups and eggs. Why soups and eggs? Well, we eat eggs for breakfast at least 3-4 times a week and I'd actually have to say eggs are one my struggles so I'll get a lot of practice. And I want to switch up our lunch routine a bit, incorporate less grains and more broth and healthy fats which makes soup an ideal choice. 
Are you making resolutions this year? I feel like I've been seeing a lot of anti-resolutions posts lately so perhaps I'm alone in my super resolving this year.

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