No Sugar Challenge - Week 2

So keeping track of things is much easier when you do it every night. But I think this is what happened this week :-)

Day 7 - Made it one whole week. Feeling pretty good. Used 1 Tablespoon of Sucanat for pigs in a blanket but left the honey out of our smoothies and nobody complained.

Day 8 - The afternoon cravings aren't so bad anymore. I'm having to buy 2x the amount of cuties I normally but I'm surviving.

Day 9 - Got some new tea today in the mail today! Tea and cuties are my salvation. The evening cravings are pretty bad but that might have something to do with hormones.

Day 10 - I lied. The afternoon cravings are awful. Chips and salsa are tasty but just not what I want. In the evening, I NEED CHOCOLATE but take a bath instead.

Day 11 - Tried a new baked oatmeal - blueberry. Everyone loved it and for the first time I didn't even want syrup whereas before I'd think, "Well, this isn't bad but it would be better with some maple syrup." I only pretended to pour it on Jonah's and Lucy only got three drops (she checks to see if she can see the shininess so I've got to put something there) but she still declared it her favorite ever and said she wants to eat it "all the days."

Everyone had crappy naps so I salvaged the afternoon with a tea party in the afternoon and she actually drank the tea this time (although it was about 50% milk). We desperately need to go to the store so our snack is saltines and butter. I'm not going to make any magazines with that one but I think the dose of fat in the afternoon was good for me. Things to think about.

Day 12 - First Sunday in a long time that I didn't get a donut. I didn't even miss it. I did however lick the frosting off of my fingers after helping Jonah and Lucy split theirs. That was more a factor of the crowd and difficulty getting to a napkin than my desire for the sugar but I feel I should be honest.

Day 13 - Got some chocolate cherry custard to go with our watching Dr. Who in our pj's on the couch anniversary "date." We know how to party big around here. But the "cheat" was totally worth it.

Day 14 - We have breakfast for dinner. Despite the fact that I used 1 Tablespoon of sucanat (cut in half from the recipe's 2T), pancakes without maple syrup are boring. Luckily, I have bacon to console me. That certainly helps.

Total Sugar usage (- cheats) = 3 Tablespoons + 1/4 teaspoon

Almost half way there but boy do I want a cookie right now.

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