A Mother's Journal

Doesn't "A Mother's Journal" sound so much more pleasant than "Brain Dump"? I think so. But either way, this post is just a mish-mash of things I've been thinking about.

First up, we picked up our 1/4 cow yesterday.When we ran out, I picked up a bit at the grocery store and I was horrified at the price. I hadn't bought beef in probably two years so you can imagine my sticker shock when I saw how much a pound of the cheapest ground beef costs! On the plus side, it made the price we paid for our grass fed quarter seem much more reasonable. In anticipation of chickens, I've been reading The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals and it seems to think we have the space for a cow on our 1/2 acre - ha! That's not going to be happening, I prefer my beef to be brought in wrapped up nicely and ready for the freezer. But I'm so excited to have beef back in our rotation. So many of my winter favorites involve beef - chili, shepherd's pie, lasagna. Yum.

I've got a couple books going but neither is what I want so I'm just sort slogging through them. I ordered a copy of The Living Page and I just can not wait for it to arrive. I don't think I've anticipated reading a book this much in a long time. Come on Amazon!

I feel like we've finally kinda sorta gotten back into our routine after the holidays. It's a lot harder when Craig is working weekend but today is his last Sunday! Next weekend we're doing something fun as a family then he's moving to a different office where he will have regular but flexible hours. This has been a long 18 months of shift work and I was ready to be done about 17 months ago so I can't wait to break out a real weekly routine.

I also can't wait to get rid of poor little Freddy the fish (I think his name is Freddy? Lucy seems to think that's what she named him but she didn't seem 100% confident either. He's obviously been a dear friend :-). All his fishy friends have passed away now and just as soon as we find him a new home, the aquarium will be emptied to make room for our nature table. We've only had a nature tray lately and as spring approached, I want a bigger area for our finds.

Not that spring is coming soon. I'm trying desperately to appreciate the season I'm in right now but I seem to be failing miserable. I don't mean that in a deep motherhood in full of seasons way. No, I'm just tired of being cold. Why is it only January? The kids have both seemed to inherit Craig's cold tolerance. I'll be in bed in my flannel pajamas under my flannel sheets, clinging to my hot water bottle and still shivering but Lucy's will be in just a t-shirt with a light quilt. Craig will try and put another blanket over her but it's always back on the floor by morning time. And Jonah's in his sleepers but can sense you ever hovering over him with a blanket and starts kicking. They are supposed to be on my side convincing Craig to turn up the heat! Sheesh. What are they even good for? I do know that part of my cold intolerance is due to my thyroid issues which makes me feel a little better - it's totally legit people! I'm not just whiny. At least I have my tea to help - and it 11 days I'll have tea and cookies. Not that I'm counting :-)

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