And I'm back!

Lent is over. Easter has come and the rejoicing begins. I'm already on sugar overload so all but the bunnies are being shipped off to Craig's work tomorrow because let's face it - we've eaten the good stuff and what is left is the remnents - the tootsie rolls, the generic peppermints and gold candies you'd find at a retirement home and the smarties from the library. Very clever librarians, but not very tasty.

My lent was pretty good. I had stopped blogging and drastically reduced my k-drama watching (I finished the ones I was watching but didn't start any new ones. That part wasn't a lent thing, it just happened that way) and I thought I'd have some time to be reflecting and maybe I would feel prepared for Easter but well, more stomach bugs, chickens that were growing much faster than the coop was and a basement remodel progressing (yes, that is still happening and updates will be coming),what I presume is hashimoto's related anxiety, fatigue and insomnia and a toddler who has not only learned to say "no" but can also take off his clothes and diaper when he wants to meant that not only did I not have this free time I expected (except at 2am which is not really when I want it), but I felt much busier than I normally do. So I guess it was good I took a blog break. But I have so much to say now! Be back soon to say it.

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