Passover and Easter Fun

As I said earlier, this was a simple Easter year for us. We did our resurrection eggs each night instead of our normal family bible time, but I didn't have any coordinating activity. We dyed eggs but I didn't make my own dyes with natural foods. Nope, we did the $1 paas kit from Target but the kids were really impressed. Every time we took an egg out of the dye Jonah would say "ohhh!' and get excited.

We also made some matzah and had a seder supper.

Saturday was our church Easter Egg hunt. This was Jonah's second and he did much better. The first was at our library and once he picked up two eggs he refused to put them down to pick up more. This time he figured it out. Lucy was a pro.

Easter morning - chalk, bubbles and kites, plus a bunny to share with mommy.

Jonah, smile for mommy!


Well, okay.

Don't tell your signing boy to "Say Flower!" because he does and it ends up looking like he is picking or pinching his nose.

That's a little better.

Happy Easter!

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