Doing alright

November hasn't been my favorite month for a couple years now. Today would have been my mom's birthday and she passed away just two days after Thanksgiving so there are just lots of memories here. And then their is the whole Britany Maynard story which is everywhere in the news. She had the same type of brain cancer as my mom. If I was in the mood I could write a book about how I feel about that whole thing but I'm not going to go there right now other than to say its really hard seeing it everywhere and if if I could strike the phrase "death with dignity" out of the world right now, I would in an instant.

So I was bracing myself for a really emotional day. But so far, I'm in a really good mood. I'm watching my kids play, we just finished doing a fun craft with them (making some newspaper Hats) and as soon I hit publish on this we are going to read some stories (Harold and the Purple Crayon and Henny Penny). I'm thinking about all my fun memories of doing projects and crafts with my mom, all the books she read us, all the things I want to remember. So, at least for today, I'm doing good. And I know she's doing well up where she is too. So Happy Birthday in Birthday Mom!

My mom on the day she first met Lucy which was also the day she first went to the doctor because something was wrong. I've never noticed but the blanket that Lucy is wrapped in is her "green blanket" that she sleeps with every night.


  1. Praying for you today! So sorry even the news is adding to your burdens right now.

  2. Your mother lives on through your thoughts and actions as you live as a mother and wife. Reading to your children, probably the same books that your mom read to you and your brothers, is your mother's living legacy. All of the little crafty things you are doing with your children, they will probably do with their children one day.

    Moms are really good at patting us on the back and telling us we are doing a good job - especially in the midst of what we perceive as chaos. Just letting you know, you're doing a good job. Your mother would be bragging to her friends about what a wonderful mother you have become!