A K-drama update

I'm way way behind in rating my k-dramas so these "reviews" are probably going to be pretty short and sweet and I'm just hoping I remember everything I watched.

Marriage Not Dating - 4 stars

This show is a wonderful example of how you don't need a crazy innovating plot to have a good rom-com (although if your the Hong Sisters I say go for it!). Well developed characters and solid writing and bam - 4 stars!

Secret Hotel - 3

This was a weird mish-mash of murder mystery and rom-com. Had the potential to be cute but spun its wheels in the plot department and didn't end up doing either very well.

Pinocchio - 3.5

I enjoyed this at the time but now that it's been a few months, I don't think I remember a whole lot about it. Despite my love of both main actors, it was just kinda there. I do remember that I liked the main couple and loved the scenes with the family. But the show was mostly about their work. Not bad but not amazing.

What's with this family - 3.75

This is a family drama. Which means its long and slow. I won't take any stars off for that because when you watch a family drama you know what you are getting yourself into. You just have to feel free to fast forward the story lines you don't like which in this case was the in-laws. I did wish my favorite story line, which appeared to be the main one at the beginning, got a bit more screen time. I also have to say that had I known what this would be about, I wouldn't have watched it. Just so you all know, it's about a father who finds out he is dying of cancer and how he choose to live his last few months with his family....so not my personal favorite topics for a relaxing hour of tv watching. But once I found out that part, I was already pretty far in so I stuck with it and I'm glad I did. I enjoyed it and its realistic but sweet ending. For me the best part was that it was realistic. It's not that once dad has cancer, everything else in life becomes roses and hearts and love in comparison. The family still struggled with all the different relationships and family dynamics (I loved the youngest brother's girlfriend and the other brother's new wife struggling to get along) and emotions. But they also realized what mattered. The dad's goal was to use his time to impart his last few life lessons and teach them to enjoy life and it took 50 hours of screen time but he somehow managed to do it.

Healer - 5 stars

Healer, you complete me. No seriously, this is drama crack. When you start watching dramas live, you have to take your chances. Sometimes shows let you down and other times you remember why you love dramas so much. I have a lot to say but I'll try to refrain myself from just gushing for paragraphs on end.

I didn't start watching it at the very start because I don't think it was well marketed. An errand boy action show? But I'm so glad I listened to the hype and picked it up a weeks later. It was nice to be able to binge watch it. It's very similar in style to City Hunter, which I also loved, but with a slightly less complicated plot and more time spent on the relationships. Not just the OTP, although its a great OTP, but the main character and how he re-enters the world. Lots of tension but not a lot of angst with just the right amount of humor thrown in - at the right moment too.

I love all other characters two - the dad, adjussi, ahjumma who is every k-drama every (seriously, what kinda of role has that lady not played!), the clueless co-worker. The second male lead and how he fit into the story is something I wish more k-dramas did. 2nd male leads don't just have to follow the female lead around looking mopey! Even the bad guys were great in an awesomely scary but not ridiculous way.

But back to the OTP. They were pretty awesome. Park Min-Young was great. It actually took my into the 2nd or 3rd episode to realize she was the same female lead from City Hunter. I didn't think she was bad in that although I know others thought she was kinda flat there. This show just gave her a lot more to work with I think and she delivered. I think the whole k-drama world is sad that Ji-Chang Wook has not done more stuff because he was amazing in this and nobody really wants to watching Bachelor's Vegetable Story just to be able to see more of his acting. I loved their relationship and how it developed. I'm guessing if you could check viki/drama fever stats you'd see that the beginning of episode was watching at lesat 3-4 times as much as the rest of the show. But being a k-drama, that means its a cut-away - which implies there is something to cut away from. Other than that its pretty clean and still action packed but less violent than City Hunter which I did like (mostly just the 1st and last episode of City Hunter). And I didn't have an issue with the City Hunter ending because I have an imagination but this one was more satisfying. I could have seen another hour of just show cuteness but that's because its pretty much perfection. I even liked the slighty corny soundtrack and if Craig calls me, I get to listen to it a bit more. Okay, I think I got the Healer addiction out of my system.

Hyde, Jeykl, Me - 2.5 stars

Only my love of Hyun Bin kept me watching this to the end. Luckily, he played two characters so we saw him a lot. Unluckily, the female lead was awful and the writer didn't seem to know what the point of the show was. And what a waste of Sung Joon's talent.

Superdaddy Yeol - 2.5

 No. Just no. I don't even know what this show was trying to do. It had its cute moments, but then they would be followed by the main character being a horrible human being. To her own young daughter. All because she loved her so much? And why is it cute to show a woman being violent towards a man? Hint: It's not. If you complain about the amount of wrist grabs in the k-drama field, you should be just as appealed by this.

Girl Who Sees Smells/Sensory Couple - 4

Despite the name, this show is not nearly as weird as one might think. It's another cop procedural/rom-com. This show did the rom-com part really well. The main couple is adorable and I loved the way their relationship developed. So sweet and realistic. And the seeing smells and sensory part, which could easily have gone all weird sparkly vampire, was actually really well done. In fact, I almost wish there was more of it. The cop part, not so much. It was just a little ridiculous how inept this crime fighting team was, especially when they had been put on the case of a high profile serial killer. That said, I was totally in it for the rom-com so I was able to overlook the logical flaws and enjoy the cuteness. All the cuteness!

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