Finally Friday

This was a bit of a crazy week. We started school up again which I mentioned earlier but, because I'm me,  I couldn't stop at just starting school this week. That would be too simple. No, I had to start on a week Craig was gone on a business trip. And then the day after he left, the library emailed to let me know my e-copy of the The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was available. I feel like everyone and their mom is talking about this book right now but I've officially jumped on the tidy-up train too.

Perhaps the week we are starting school and I'm solo parenting two small children while fighting third trimester hip and back pain is not the time to start a major decluttering project, but why let those things stop me? I've made it through (my) clothes and books this week and have 3 garbage bags full of clothes in the breezeway and several boxes worth of books waiting downstairs for Craig to haul up for me. Up next is paper!

Now, on the energy input side, I am finally able to take vitamins again and just last weekend started iron. I know I tend to run low during my pregnancies but it was amazing how much more energy I have when I add a good iron supplement. My midwife checked me yesterday and its still a bit low so I can't imagine what it was like last week. But even that boost has enabled me to get up early (between 5:45-6:30) and get a good start to my day. I really am a early morning person. I have to adapt this as baby/toddler/sleep seasons come and go but my preference is early to bed, early to rise so an early start with my bible just sets a good tone for my day.

Although I'm currently having to stop myself from feeling bad knowing it might not last long. These have really been the first days since Lucy was born that I have be able to get up before the kids. I've always had at least one morning snuggler that seems to sense when I try to get up and feels the need to join me. So normally I get up with them and lately it has been after them. But Jonah seems to be past that magical sensing period now and even when he does get up, he's been well trained over these past few months to get himself a snack and play quietly. And miraculously he seems to be able to keep that routine up whether I'm in bed sleeping or on the couch reading! Although if I'm up he does feel the need to come over and show me his snack and tell me what he's going to play with. I doubt I'll be able to keep it up after the baby comes but I will try to enjoy it while it lasts!

I also committed to stay off facebook which I'm sure helped my productivity. It's my big social media time suck and I'm surprised at how much I didn't miss it. I think I end up there out of habit more than I realize. I've got several really good groups there that I don't want to leave permanently so I need to work on a balance with it somehow. And while I normally feel a bit adult-deprived when Craig is gone and thought the facebook fast would exacerbate that, I actually had several great people activities this week, all one-on-one or small groups which, as in introvert, is my favorite way to interact with people. So it's been a crazy but very good week.

But I'll be honest, with all that and a midwife appointment, a chiropractic adjustment, several playdates, a trip to the pool and a wonderful night catching up with one of my best friends (sans kids! well, except a baby but babies don't count) and a trip to drop off a computer at the repair shop, another to pick it up but - just kidding, it's still broken and then a third to really pick it up, I'm a bit pooped. Craig comes home tonight and I am definitely counting down the hours!

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