Pick a date, any date

I'm, hopefully, just days away from the baby's birthday. It's so odd to think that there is a this very special date coming up but we just don't know what it is yet. But we have lots of pretty cool options.

Today: The fifth day of the tenth month of the (two thousand and) fifteenth year. Cooler when written euro-style: 5-10-15 than american, 10-5-15, but either way, not a bad birthday. Hear that baby?! It's a good day to be born! Sidenote: I grew up writing dates in the european format. I have no idea why but it wasn't until college that I switched. Did my mom teach me that way? Did I just do it "wrong" on accident for all those years? But it still makes much more sense to me that way and I have to deliberate think about writing dates down to this day. 

But there are more coming if today isn't the right one, and I'm guessing it isn't.

October 8th - I met Craig on October 8th, 11 years ago. So that would be cool in a sweet and sappy kinda way.

October 10th - 10-10-15 and my first due date (yes, I have two this time. It's complicated. But this is the more accurate one)

October 14th - Craig's birthday. Sharing seems like fun...but that might mean one less cake we get to eat every year. Not sure how I feel about that.

October 15th - 10-15-15 and my second due date.

October 20th - My dad's birthday. The same birthday as grandpa means all the fun of sharing the date without the need to share the cake. But I really really really don't want to be pregnant 15 days from now. So let's not aim for this one, okay baby?

So we have lots of pretty cool options and considering Lucy came on her due date and Jonah came 5 days late, the odds are good for many of them. Of course, at this point, any day that the baby wants to come is okay with me.

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