Norah Jane at 4 Months

Dear Norah Jane,

Oh, it's been a fun month! But a busy one!

New Mexico Scenery! Okay, you got me, it was really a mural at a McDonalds but it was in New Mexico.

Chillin' at the Oklahoma Welcome Center. The little old ladies there insisted on your visiting with them for a while and you were happy to oblige after some tummy time.

We've traveled as a family (three new states for you!) but you've also learned how to travel by yourself a bit. You somehow always manage to inch your way down if I put you on a blanket on your back. I'm still not sure how you do it. If I put you on your tummy, you like to rotate, mostly counter-clockwise. And the very day you turn 4 months old, what do you decide you need to add to your list of skills? Rolling over back to front! Which is good because you like to be on your belly.

You also like musicals apparently. We happened to be stuck in a hotel room while the live version of Grease was on and you thought it was a lot of fun.

Norah Jane loves her nature time!

 Grabbing toys is another new skill this month. You mostly just put them in your mouth but you'd rather suck on fingers. Either your own or other peoples. You love to chew on the finger of whoever is holding so much and you drool everywhere. You don't seem fussy about it so I don't think its a teething thing as much as a preference. 

You've finally started to smile more. You're still not as smiley and your brother and sister were but your getting there. And you like to laugh, especially when we tickle you or play finger games. But smiley or not, you're pretty content. You were a great traveler. And very social. I'm still curious as to whether your going to be my extroverted one because you love all the noise and business. People watching is your favorite pastime and you don't mind being passed around.

Your well baby isn't until a few days from now so I don't have stats yet but so I'd say you are gaining enough weight for now. I'm actually nervous about it because this is the point where Jonah started to drop off but for now I'm relishing the rolls and trying not to worry. But worrying is what mommy's do best. I can't help it, you're just my favorite baby girl right now!

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