First Day of School - Kinda

As I said, we've been doing school most of the summer and today wasn't very different from last week but Lucy was still really excited to be in First Grade! And Jonah was surprisingly happy about "moving up" to Pre-K. He talked about it all day.

We started the day with cinnamon rolls and piles of new school supplies. Lucy was most excited about finally getting a real nature journal and not just paper on a clipboard. First grade is the real deal!

Then we need to some pictures to document. The rain meant we didn't get the best pictures but they'll do.

Norah was too fast. Too fast to be in the pictures, at least facing the camera. Too fast for me to keep her out of them. Cropping to the rescue.

Then it was mostly business as usual but we did get to put our maps and copywork into brand new kitty and puppy folders. Very exciting! Now I'm just trying to figure out how this happened so fast.

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