Great Plains Roadtrip - Around ND

I feel like I did a really bad job of taking pictures of us once we actually got to North Dakota. I think its because I knew everyone else was (Grandma, Aunt Steph, etc) so I just let them. But now I don't have many!

We hung out at the house a lot. Jonah got his first big kid set on this trip and was pretty excited about that! I was more excited that Lucy was able to put her new set together all by herself. And of course, they enjoyed all the attention from family - reading books, making brownies, that sort of thing.

The kids and great-grandma

We did take an afternoon to visit the Hjemkomst Center. Just don't ask me to pronouce that.

Trolls! Just like Anna and Elsa! That definitely made the kids more interested in Norway. Craig remembered coming here as a kid and thought the kids would like the viking ship.

And since that was a number of years ago, there was even something new for Craig to see. A replica of a Norwegian chapel.

Norah's first picture. She grabbed my camera while I was holding her.
I'm not sure my attempt is much better.

The carvings were really amazing but I'm glad that we no longer stand to worship. And that our services are held in the language we speak (as opposed to Latin).

We spent Saturday at a family reunion but I was visiting with everyone and trying to make sure all three of my kids stayed alive so no pictures of that. But I did grab this one later to remember a funny moment. Jonah get quite upset that my name tag read "MacKenzie" so he made another one that he thought was more appropriate for me.

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