Year 1 Term 3 Exams!

We did it! We finished our first year of Ambleside Online! Only 35+ more to go! (11 for Lucy, 12 for Jonah and Norah and a plus for any more kids that might come).

We had such a great year. I'm starting to get overwhelmed by holiday season to-dos and I almost skipped exams but Lucy loves them and its so encouraging to look back as see how far she's come. I really needed them this term especially. I was still a good term and we got everything in plus added a few new things (French, Solfa singing, etc) but schooling with a non-napping baby is a lot more work for me and I, like I'm sure all homeschooling moms, have to fight off that "is it enough, am I shortchanging anyone? feeling" But after exams I can easily say - No. We are doing good. We just gotta keep doing what we're doing.

    Tell about one of Jesus' miracles.
So they were at a party and Jesus was there. So one guy said “there is only supposed to be good wine at the beginning.” (Now, this is the deal with exams. Sometimes your amazed at what your child remembers and sometimes your trying keep a straight face when your child gives you this. But its okay!)

 What did Peter do at the Beautiful Gate?
Help the man that couldn’t walk. Me: Could you tell me a bit more? Like a narration? Oh, so Peter and John were about to go to the temple and there was a man who couldn’t walk so he asked Peter and John for some money but they said “we don’t have any money but walk” and he could walk. And he went into the temple and all the people were like “what?” and asked “how could you walk?” and they said “it was not us. It was GOD!”


     Copy "No storm stayed the ships."

This is one area where I most enjoyed looking back on her portfolio. Below is her best writing at the end of Term 1! Not bad at all for a six year old but she's gotten so much better since then and I didn't even realize it.


Tell one of Aesop's Fables.
There was a dog and the dog had a bone and he stopped by a water pool and then the dog saw his reflection and thought it was a different dog with a bigger bone and he wanted that bone so he dropped his bone and then he couldn’t get any bone and he was sad.

Tell part of a "Just So Story."

The letter. So there once was a girl and her dad and they were going fishing and a stranger came along but her dad’s spearhead broke so that they couldn’t fish. And he said “I will have to go back and get my other spear at home” and then the little girl said to the stranger “would you please get our other spear” and the stranger did not understand for he did not speak the same language. And she said “Ahh, I will explain it again and then she wrote it on a big rock and she drew a picture of them living in a cave and the cave and her mom and her mom with a spear and her dad with the other spear and the beavers and the beaver dam and the beavers looked like people but she couldn’t draw all the beavers because there were too many. So the stranger took it to the cave and to the little girls’ mom and the little girls’ mom said “what? Did you say that my dad, that there are a bunch of people creeping up and his arm is broken?” and there are a bunch of other ladies and they put a bunch of mud in his hair and he went back and they were like what? Why are you hurting my stranger man and explained it and they everyone laughed. Her mom laughed and the other ladies laughed and her dad laughed and she laughed. That’s all. Isn’t that funny. I choosed it because I thought it was the funniest one.

This is the same Just So Story she chose for her last exam but she really loves this one (and the whole book)! We haven't read it since that initial reading and her narration at the end of this term is just as good as the one from Exam 2. 


Tell a story about King Alfred.
So Alfred was in a women’s house and the woman said “watch this cake” but he didn’t watch it. He was thinking about his country but the cake burnt and the woman was angry “you were supposed to watch this cake but you just thought and thought” and he said “I was thinking about my country!” and the woman said “you could watch and think at the same time”. And the guy came in and he said “well, he’s the king! Why do you want the king to watch your cake?”

What do you know of Harald as a little boy? Tell everything you can think of.
So…King Harald. As a boy. A Viking queen and a Viking king and they had a baby Viking. And he grew up. And there was another person that told him about what he did when he was a little Viking and a Viking. And I went to a farmer’s house and took all there stuff and had a feast at the farmer’s house. That’s all I remember about that. Oh, but he went to King Harald’s king and the king didn’t want him but the queen said he would be a good person for our little baby. And one time King Harald learned how to make a spearhead and "I think I will make, I want to make a whole spear so I must get a wooden handle" and there was a wolf. Wait, so he named his spearhead foes-fear. And then there was a wolf and he fought the wolf with foes-fear. And he went back and said “I fought with this foes-fear spear” That’s all I remember.


  Name some things Paddle passed as he traveled through the Great Lakes. Or, Trace Paddle's journey on a map from Canada to the sea.
Lake Michigan, Lake Superior – the wolf head, Lake Erie, he went down a big waterfall, a big big waterfall. And Lake Huron and Lake Uhm I don’t know (Me: Ontario) Oh yeah, Lake Ontario. Lake Michigan is a squash with a leaf. Lake Huron is the trapper, like  a man with a big sack on his bag. Lake Erie is a piece of coal.

  What is latitude? or, What is the equator?

The equator is the line in the middle of the globe. We use it to measure what part is this side and what part is that side.

Natural History and General Science

    Describe your favorite nature study finds from this term?

I liked finding leaves and acorns. (Me: Well tell me more.)…there were different shapes. Like maples leaves and other leaves like this (demonstrates) and they were yellow and red and some were brown. The acorns in our yard are small green and then they, when they are ready, they are brown. We like to hunt and collect and find them. Some of them are bigger at Powder Valley. And some were at Shaw nature center and there were lots of different types. One type was small with big caps and the caps almost covered all the acorn. And some of them were the same type as Powder Valley and ours.

At Powder Valley we saw turtles. They had like, well, this big (demonstrates). And I touched the shell. It was sorta smooth with small bumps. The bumps were not too little and scratchy, just like smooth up and down bumps, kinda like waves. We saw two.

   Tell about a bird Peter learned about that stays in the winter, or, What do you know about birds' homes in the Green Forest?

The nuthatch goes forward down the tree. Peter asked “how can you do that?” and he said “because I have these claws.”

This was our bird year. We really got into watching them and kept a log of what birds we saw each month. And her narrations for the Burgess Bird Book were great during the year but when it came to exams, we struggled. And I really do mean "we," I couldn't come up with much either! But no matter, we learned tons. 

    If you were to go through the Earth to the other side, what would you go through? Describe your trip.

Through grass, dirt, and then rocks, layers or rocks and then oil. Magma – that’s the stuff that makes volcano, then past the outside of that stuff we did, what’s it called (Me: Mantle? - we did a paper project with this). Yeah, mantle. Then outer core, your almost to the middle of the earth! Then inner core! It’s where North, South, East, West meet, nothing to this side, or this side, you just float. Then you go back through all the stuff. But you would need a very fireproof ship. It's really just pretend, you couldn't do that.

The start of her rock collection. We've only done one individual painting but she wants to get 10 because that's her last step to getting her Geology American Heritage Badge. 

Some of the other rocks she's found. 

1  Draw a picture narration and describe it for me about your favorite fairy tale or Shakespeare story from this year. 

Scenes from A Midsummer's Nights Dream. 


Foreign Language

 Copy my actions and say in French what you are doing:

J’ouvre mon sac a dos (I open my backpack)
(je) prende le livre (I take the book)
J’ouvre le livre et je ferme le livre (open the book and I close the book)

Je prends la trouse (I take my pencil case)
Je prends trois crayon. (I take three pencils)
(je) met trois crayons dans la trouse. (put three pencils in my pencil case)
(je) ferme la trouse. (I close my pencil case)
          Je met mon trouse dans la sac a dos. (put my pencil case in the backpack)
          Je ferme la sac a dos. (I close my backpack)

I'm loving Speaking French with Ms Mason and Francois. We've done four series but I limited the exam to the first 3. Other than a tendency to drop her pronouns, she's doing amazing. I can see her really starting to understand and she knows those words. And they are always asking "how do you say this? How do you say that? and we've started to try and use french at lunch some days.

Count as high in French as you can.
She got to ten but needed help with nine

Picture Study
  Describe your favorite picture from this term's picture study. (I let them look to pick their favorite then cover it up to narrate.)

Young Mother Sewing. So there is a woman and a girl that is kinda like leaning on her, the mom. The mom is sewing. It’s bright. That picture is brighter than most of them. The mom has a striped shirt. I think the girl has a white dress and you can see the arm, the place where you rest your arm on the chair a little bit. You can look out the window and there are trees and a flower on the window.

Jonah had to have a turn

In the Loge (but he didn’t remember the title, he just pointed). Uhm, there was a, in that corner (lower right) there is a lot of black on her dress and like a yellow thing like I have a yellow thing. And it’s a mom. And so little of people, they are funny. (Lucy- they are little because they are far away). And they have hats and the mama does too. It’s dark.


     Sing your favorite folksong and hymn from this term.

   Sing One Two Buckle my Shoes with So and Mi hand signs


She took an outside art class this term in addition to spending time almost every day drawing.



     Show some work in handicrafts from this term to someone outside your family. – She gave a necklace to her Gigi at Thanksgiving and we have another project we can't show because its a Christmas gift. 

I didn't do any recitation for this exam because they are planning a Christmas Eve show for us and our family visitors. They will say both their poems and songs and bible memory verses. Lucy will play Jingle Bells on the piano and they are putting together some sort of drama. I'm trying to let them do most of the work so we'll see how it works out but I'm sure it will be entertaining no matter what. 

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