I feel like my pictures are skewing the importance of these events

Last weekend was one of those when you look at the calendar and are thinking "well, it technically all works as long as nobody needs to eat, breathe or pee for 48 hrs." But in the end, a big ice storm came and everything was canceled.

 At first I was a little annoyed. Okay, maybe a little more than a little annoyed because I was supposed to have a very important doctor's appointment (that I had been waiting months for! ARG!) but overall, it was actually pretty nice. Most of the events will be rescheduled and Craig got an extra day of weekend that just happened to be our 10th Anniversary. It is nice to be able to spend your anniversary actually with your spouse. We didn't have a big fancy evening out but once the kids were tucked in, Tiramasu was eaten and Sherlock was watched. I won't complain.

But it also left us with a lot of unexpected down time. Craig got some basement insulation put in and I did some guinea pig sewing. What can I say, we know how to party!

I had made one cage liner pad and a few little doubler pads in some fleece the kids picked out but we needed another set and when we decided to move it up from the basement to the living room, I kinda wanted something that matched a bit more. I'm not super picky but zebra and leopard print really isn't my style. Luckily, I was able to get a lot of fleece for crazy good prices because of a sale so I made a whole cute matching set.

There is a fleece lined tunnel - definitely their favorite place to hang out.

A  matching hay bag to keep the cage tidier. 

A little fleece forest

Along with a whole cage pad and some yellow potty pads, each lined with u haul pads. That makes them all-in-one so all Lucy has to do (with a little help from me) is pick the whole thing up, shake it off in the trash and toss it in the bin for me to wash. Probably every 4-5 days. I think it will work well. Daily she and I just use a little brush and dustpan to tidy it up before we take them out for a snuggle and a morning snack.

The whole set up
 Left Side

 Right side. 

I still have enough pink polka dot cotton and fleece to make another cuddle cup or two down the road. 

Happy Coconut!

Happy Betsy!

So now just ignore the fact that I just put up one  picture (or four depending on how you count) for our anniversary and seven about our guinea pigs. I promise this does not reflect my relative affections for my husband and the piggies.

But I do think I'm going to grab Lucy on the next nice weather day and have her take a few pictures of Craig and I. Its sad how few we have from the last few years. Adding that to my to-do list right now!

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