Mini-Roadtrip Time!

We got back this weekend from a short but fun-filled adventure to Springfield, MO area. It's not Paris or Rome but I like to think of these short little roadtrips as not only fun now, but preparing out kids for future travels. If they can learn to have fun exploring and enjoying sights in small towns then I know we'll have fun adventures as they grow can tackle bigger and better trips as they grow up. Travel is something that is important to both Craig and I so even thought it is a bit exhausting at this stage of parenting, I know its worth it. 

First stop was yet another Little House on the Prairie spot - the Ingalls homestead. We toured the museum and then the house that Laura and Almanzo built. It was a bit wet and the kids have apparently been listening to too much Wizard of Oz because a little bit of rain seemed to cause panic but once under the eaves, their spirits brightened. And luckily this was our only bit of rain. The forecast the week before kept changing and we had seen reports ranging from sunny and weekend to rainy all weekend but it ended up being lovely except for these two hours.

We couldn't take pictures inside but I enjoyed it. I love seeing houses from different historical times so I would have enjoyed it no matter who lived there but of course, its having been Laura's added a special charm. And now Lucy wants to re-read the books again!

The homestead was a bit out of town but we got there fairly early so decided to swing by the World's Largest Fork in case it decided to rain later that weekend and we wouldn't have good opportunity again. It's pretty much just a giant fork but it does make for a good photo op...except that it is was really sunny by then and the kid's refused to put their hands down. 

The next day was the Children's museum. It didn't rain and in fact was a gorgeous day. For about 3 seconds I was sad about being inside but then we got there and realized that it was practically empty! 

No children or babies were harmed by sleeping on the nails. 

Norah petting a hissing cockroach. I passed on that activity.

Never been used toilet. Clean water. Still couldn't make myself do it. But I think I faked it well for the photo. 

And about 2 minutes after that picture was taken, this one was. Tantrums - they happen. In fact, we had a great time at the museum but left with one crying child on my back and one screaming child in Craig's arm. Fun times!

Time for lunch and a nap. While the toddler slept, the big kids swam!

All rested and feeling calmer, we headed out again to go mini-golfing. The kids had never been and had sooo many questions on the way (will it be hard? I don't understand? How do I know where I'm hitting it? What if I lose the ball? Whose team am I on? Is our family a team and the other people will lose?) that I finally had to tell them we'd just have to wait and see and it wouldn't be that hard. 

Jonah and Lucy did pretty well. Jonah cheated a bit without realizing it (He did quite a bit of ball pushing and sometimes resorted to his feet) and Lucy vacillated between hitting it way too hard or barely touching it. She also got attacked by the windmill but her head survived. Norah was happy just to carry around her putter and ball and sometimes put her ball in the hole and take it out again. This was perfect! Until she lost her ball and insisted on using mine. So Craig and I shared. Which doesn't really work except by the second or third shot of each hole, the kids had given up on waiting and just went at the same time so one parent would quickly finished and hand off to the other. It was a bit chaotic but it worked. Funnily enough, this was probably the most crowded activity of the weekend but it was an amazingly nice afternoon. It might have been easier if we didn't have another group right behind us but we'll definitely give it another go sometime. 

The next day was the baseball game but that wasn't until the afternoon so we spent the morning exploring the flagship Bass Pro Shop. This place is immense - turtle pond, several large aquariums, two alligators and two mini ponds with ducks. Plus lots of stuffed ones to view as well. I didn't take my nice camera (because it's a store! Who takes a nice camera to a store!) but I managed to get a few decent cell pictures. I wish the lighting was better. 

A picture with daddy and the bear. 

Then they wanted a picture with the beaver. So we took a picture - with the automatic door button. 

Norah did a lot of pointing in this place. 

We got the kids their souvenir's here. $3 hats because we realized they might need some at the baseball game and the price was right. So before we left, they insisted on modeling them for me. 

Then more swimming. The kids had just finished their first week of swimming lessons were excited to show their daddy what they learned but poor Norah, my water loving baby, had been sitting by the edge of the pool all week and finally was able to get in one. She had a blast! I think if we let her just jump in on repeat she would have gone for hours. She also loves to have cups of water poured over her head and face in the bathtub and as soon as she blinks the water away, asks for more. This is not the norm in our house but I like it! (Video here. I can't figure out how to embed it)

Finally some baseball! This is what Craig had been waiting for! I still haven't been to a St. Louis Cardinal's baseball game (ever. I know. I know. I'm a bad St. Lousian) but at least I got to see a minor league game this year and cheer for "The Cardinals" one way or another.  Or maybe I should say "part of a game".  We only made it through three innings. It was pretty hot and sunny and kid's interest didn't keep up once the food has been consumed. Craig tried to lure them to continue with the promise of running the bases afterward but it wasn't enough. But we did have fun for those few innings. And we wore them out enough that Norah took a nice long nap on the way home! And thus ended our mini-roadtrip to Springfield, MO. Good times were had by all. 

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  1. Looks like you all had a fun trip. We spent a day in Springfield this spring, I had planned on going to the museum, but we spent too long at Bass Pro Shop. After seeing your pictures we definitely need to next time. From a fellow Missourian and AO/CM homeschool mom.