Classics Challenge: That Lass O'Lowries

Written in 1877, That Lass O'Lowries is my Back to the Classics 19th Century Classic Selection. I actually finished reading this a month or two ago and I should have written this when my thoughts were fresh because I know I had more to say.  I did really enjoy it. I think Frances Hodgsons Burnett's novels for adults are underapreciated. Or maybe just sadly underknown. I read and re-read Secret Garden as a child but I didn't even know she wrote more than children's books until a few years ago.

I believe that this was one of the more popular ones during her lifetime and I see why. Set in Lancashire, it tells the story of several of the communties members from various social levels. It has a bit of a North and South vibe to it. Some of the description made it seem like it was dark but while it had a bit of grittiness to it, I didn't feel like the overall tone was dark. It's a redemption story (and a unapologetically Christian one at that) and I could tell a happy-ish ending was coming for at least a few of our main characters.

 I would say it's an easy read except for one thing - the dialect.  I don't normally struggle with dialect but this gave me a real run for my money. It's worth persevering for but I did have to persevere and read a bit slowly outloud. There is something to be said for a little less authenticity at times but then again, maybe it wouldn't have been the same without that.

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