UPDATE: This is the same post as before, but I finally got the pictures so enjoy!

Congratulations to my little* brother Ben for leading his baseball team to a second place standing in the Kentucky Christian Athletic Association State Baseball Tournament! Even though he was only in 8th grade, he played on the high school team this year as a pitcher (and sometimes 2nd baseman). They even got a little press coverage. This article mentions Ben but it was written before the tournament while this article is talking about the second game of the tournament. Be sure to read the comments, they are amusing.

Obviously, Ben is a very talented young baseball player and my family is all expecting him to be drafted someday so he can share his riches with us. Whether or not that happens, we are all very proud of him and I can't wait to see how he plays when he is actually in high school. I will try and get some pictures up but the computer they are on is being stubborn so you'll just have to wait and see if that happens.

*since he is technically a teenager now, I should probably switch over to younger brother but I can’t, he will always be my little brother and he should just be thankful I don’t refer to him as my baby brother.


  1. My brother could get a hit off of your brother.

  2. I still refer to my 23 year old brother as my baby brother. I'm pretty sure he loves it. Too bad your brother really is a baby, because I'm still looking for that baseball player husband. Although the major league rookies are beginning to be too young for me, so I'm thinking my window of opportunity is closing. Oh well.