Immigration Split

You can count me among the conservatives that are kinda TO'ed at many of the leaders of our movement who are supporting the immigration bill. Not only are we upset that they would support such a bad plan, but we're upset that many of them have resorted to impugning the motives of us opponents. For example, Sen. Lindsey Graham from SC, also known as John McCain's poodle, said that "we're gonna tell the bigots to shut up." The editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal said he was amazed at "the degree to which the right isn't even rational about this any more." The president himself said we "don't want what's right for America." He's pretty much losing the little support he has left in America over this issue, but that's another story.

I'm hoping this debate becomes central to the presidential nomination process on the Republican side. Of the major candidates, it seems that only Mitt Romney and my man Fred Thompson are against this bill, but Romney seems to have changed positions recently (as with several other issues). I think McCain's chances of getting the nomination are now dead, since he's one of the major architects of this bill.

I'd tell you to call your Senator about this bill, but if he/she's anything like Utah's Bob Bennett, he/she doesn't care what you think. That seems to be a common thread among pro-amnesty Republicans.

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  1. I agree . . . and phone calls don't seem to be making an impact. What could they possibly be thinking?!