Sleeping with the pumpkins

We mostly worked on the house this weekend but Saturday morning we detoured and went to a local pumpkin patch for their fall family events.

The plan was to leave after her long morning nap but that nap didn't end up being that long. The last few weeks Lucy's nap schedule has gotten a lot more consistent - except for the weekends. It's like she senses Daddy is around so she only wants to play. So we headed out anyway with the idea that we would walk around for a while with her in the ring sling, knowing that she would probably fall asleep. Then when she woke up she would be bright and cheerful for pictures. It was such a nice plan. Except that there was a slight miscommunication and we didn't end up bring the sling!

No sling meant no nap, at least not at first. She was still in a okay mood so we started with some picture taking amongst the pre-picked pumpkins and gourds. She liked looking around at all the kids

but we couldn't coax out a real smile even with dad's special chin tickle.

Family picture time found her eyes glazing over

and by the time we reached the field and found our perfect pumpkin, her eyes were drooping.

She really wanted to be a part of the action

but eventually we had a pumpkin-sized meltdown (if the pumpkin was smallish).

Back in mom's arms again, she was good.

Then standing in line to check out, she fell asleep in my arms to the soothing sounds of "The Monster Mash." Lesson learned. Next time, naptime comes first.


  1. My parents came to visit yesterday. On three separate phone calls, my dad encouraged me to make sure Zuzu got good naps. She didn't get the message! We were very blessed to have a good child at dinner, but it amazes me how kids seem to sense important events and refuse to sleep accordingly.

  2. And the only times they sleep longer than normal is when you have to go somewhere! I hate waking a sleeping baby up.