Birthday Blehs

I've been wavering between going with the "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" and accepting my need to vent. I've decided to vent. If you want peppy, go elsewhere. This week has not been the best. 

Sunday night I thought all the tough parts were behind us and Monday morning Lucy seemed to be doing fine. But it didn't stay that way. We spent the morning picking up heavy duty antibiotics and seeing a random pediatrician here in town so Lucy could get a tetanus shot. Of course, since it wasn' t our doctor, he gave me a lecture about vaccines and then fought me when I wanted to give Lucy the DT and not DTaP. He also took the ER sheet I handed him and proceeded to read it back to me in a condescending tone. "You have to be seen back at the ER in 5 days to have the stitches removed, you need to make sure she gets her antibiotic"...yeah, I know, I handed you the paper that says that! And when he asked about the antibiotic, I said we hadn't given her the first dose because the pharmacy wasn't going to have it ready until noon. I don't think he believed me because he went on and on about how important it was and even asked what pharmacy I dropped it off at. Eventually he relented, we got the DT and got out of there but it is so much nicer to be seen by a doctor who doesn't act like you are an idiot. But it makes me appreciate our family doctor that much more.

Monday afternoon was when things really went downhill. Lucy was really upset now and refused to take a nap and was cranky all afternoon. We got her to sleep that night pretty easily but she woke up often until a little after midnight when she decided she was just not going back to sleep. I'm not sure if it was that her face was hurting her, she was reacting to the shot, or having nightmares but she was not a happy camper. She would fall asleep for maybe 5 minutes, then wake up screaming. We finally got her to sleep around 5:30 by taking her down to the living room and sitting with her watching cartoons but she only slept an hour and was back up until later that afternoon. Craig and I got less than 2 hours sleep the whole night. I was hoping we could spend the morning snuggled on the couch reading and watching cartoons because frankly, I was completely drained.

But then the antibiotics started kicking in. I had been warned that they often have gastrointestinal side effects and they did not let me down. (TMI alert!) explosive diarrhea is hard enough for experiences pottiers and even with her in diapers we went through multiple outfits, sheets, blankets and let's just say that is a good thing my dad has a leather (cleanable) couch. It was bad. And I couldn't even give her a bath because of the stiches. Well actually, they told me I could bath her if I could just make sure the stitches didn't get soaked but I'm wondering if they have ever bathed a toddler because everything within 10 feet of the bathtub gets soaked when Lucy take a bath.

I had only brought enough diapers for nighttime use so Craig took a break at work to run and get some disposables and pedialtye. Then I had to convince Lucy that it was okay to wear diapers. Since she hasn't ever worn disposables, I was able to convince her that all her undies were dirty and that these were throw away undies for when your tummy hurts. It was a tough sell because they fasten like diapers, but since they were thin, I thought I had a chance. She stood there looking at me and the "throw away undies" but when I asked if her tummy hurt, she said yes and then sat down on the diaper. It was so sad.

Today was a little better. She actually slept last night, not well, she said her face hurt but still, she slept and I'll take what I can get. And.I'm not sure if her body is adjusting or all the yogurt I'm forcing into her is helping but the tummy troubles have calmed to a level I can at least handle without needing going through my entire wardrobe in day. And I figured out that most of the trouble comes in the first 2-3 hours after she takes it so we even braved the library story hour since it was just outside the danger period. Getting out of the house was such a treat it was kinda ridiculous.

Did I mention it is my birthday? Craig took Lucy with him to go pick up milk and Thai takeout. It took a little convincing to get her in the car, I think she was afraid we were going somewhere scary again but eventually she relented.Now I'm enjoying my hour off.  Hopefully tomorrow continues our trend towards normal.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry you have been going through this with your sweet Lucy..vent away! Every mother needs a way to get out her struggles like this!

    God bless you all..I am glad to hear she is on the mend. I pray for healing and some good rest for you all!