Discriminating Hugging

Lucy is a bit of a hugger. Her sign for hugging is a tap of her chest with her open hand, and we see that sign a lot when she wants to hug something or someone.

But she doesn't like to hug me. For a while, when I asked her for a hug, she'd say no, but I learned that if I asked for a "little hug," she'd say yes. But she sees through that now. My requests for hugs, little or regular size, almost always get rejected. She will pat me, though, so I still have that.

While she is loathe to hug me, she will, of her own volition, hug a wide range of inanimate objects. Here is a sampling of items she has hugged recently:

  • A package of diapers
  • A lotion bottle
  • Stars on a page of a book
  • A bunny on her shirt
  • Her stuffed kitty
  • Her baby doll
  • A bird on an accent tile on our bathroom wall
  • A fish on the front of a Duplo package

It is good to know where I stand with her.

1 comment :

  1. This is hilarious! I hope you don't feel too sad about the lack of hugging.