Toddler Tuesday: Potty Fun

I have a big post about potty progress coming up but as I was writing it, I kept thinking of fun potty moments that I wanted to share. Yes, potty training can be fun, if you don't mind a little bathroom humor (and if you do mind bathroom humor, you should stop reading at this point)

Now, when it comes to certain aspects of parenting, I'm pretty laid back. Stop laughing Craig, I said certain aspects. Yes, when it comes to if I'm doing a good job teaching, disciplining, meeting her needs, etc, I probably need to give myself more grace, but when it comes to other stuff, I'm way less type-A than I thought I would be. Here are two conversations that occurred in the last 72 hours:

Scene: Lucy is running around naked while I'm sitting on the couch covered in a blanket.
Grandpa: Isn't she cold?
Me: Probably not. She took her clothes off herself and if she wanted them back on, she'd ask for help.

Craig: Where did she get that granola bar?
Me: It was on the nightstand, I thought you gave it to her.
Craig: I found that under the bed.
Me: Oh, she dropped it down their yesterday while we were reading.
Craig: Is it okay for her to be eating it?
Me: Sure, it's organic.

See. You wouldn't even think she was our first, would you? And potty stuff is just another area I'm totally laid back about.  Craig has been known to call me from another room, slightly frantic, "She's peeing, she's peeing on the floor" as if I should come running. I would if it were blood or vomit but I just don't freak out about a little pee or poop. Maybe that is why I have had so much fun with Lucy. Toddlers are hilarious and they have no social inhibitions which only increases the laugh factor. So if you are finding yourself without a potty training toddler to bring amusement to your days, enjoy these:

  • One phrase I use with Lucy is "listen to your body," especially when I can see that she needs to go but she doesn't want to. One time I took her to go and afterwards I said "doesn't it feel nice when you listen to your body." At this point she did her sign for listen/hear (finger in the ear), tooted really loudly, then started laughing so hard she almost fell off the potty. 
  • For quite a while, anytime she saw a clear liquid on the floor, she thought she had peed. Even if we are standing at the sink washing dishes and she spills a cup, as soon as she looks down, she starts saying/signing potty and runs to the bathroom to get a prefold to clean it up. I tried explaining but she didn't get it so I just let it be one of those amusing things, especially since I'd rather her use a prefold to clean up water than a kitchen towel to clean up an accident. But when she started wearing undies (instead of being naked) this led to some confusion. I spilled some water and she saw it and started to say potty but then stopped, looked down and patted her undies. She was obviously bewildered because in her mind she must have somehow peed on the floor but not in her undies. At that point, I could see the wheels spinning so I took a little cup and poured a bit more water on the floor. Then she got it! She did her signature face slap (think Home Alone but on the forehead) and started laughing at her own silliness and signing water. She still has moments when she panics if I ask her to wipe up water on the floor with a paper towel but once I clearly explain it is water, she calms down. 
  • One day Lucy was being particularly clingy and I was having a hard time being patient. I got up to go to the potty myself but she started clinging to my leg and crying for me to play with her. I turned and jokingly said "But I have to go, do you want mommy to pee in her pants?" She smiled a little, shook her head "No" and let go of me. Thinking I had her now, I tried to increase the laugh factor by saying "Do you want mommy to poop in her pants?" Her mouth dropped open and she got the biggest look of horror on her face. Apparently pooping in your pants in not something you should even joke about. She let me go to the bathroom and it was a good thing. I try really hard not to laugh at her but it was all I could do to keep a straight face until I got those few steps away and as soon as the door was shut, I burst out laughing. 
Even Craig has one: 
  • I took Lucy to potty one day. She pooped, stood up, looked at it, signed "kitty" and laughed. Who needs clouds?


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  2. I just LOVE this post! Ha! Yes, if we can't have a little humor..oh my gosh..especially when raising children!!?? How scary that would be!

    I love the "signed kitty"! LOL! That is so funny, because Henry will tell me "I am going to make cake!" Or, "I pooped a spinning wheel". What the heck? A spinning wheel? Which I'm sure he has no idea what it is, so that must mean more like a rotating truck tire, than a wheel in which to spin yarn!

  3. This cracked me up. Especially the naked baby part and granola bar part--I've had to relax on a few aspects of Lewis' day-to-day, too. I find myself prioritizing how badly he can hurt himself on things. How messed up he can mess things, etc. (Not like REALLY hurt himself, of course.)

    Potty training sounds like fun. :)