An update

The last two days have been a bit better than the beginning of the week. But then last night I laid down next to my baby sleeping and watched her and even the bad parts didn't matter so much. It's so easy to forget horrible behavior and temper tantrums when they are sleeping like angels, right? But it wasn't just that. I realized how much worse it could have been. Then I started to cry. She's okay, I'm okay. Tomorrow we get the stitches out and hopefully get the okay to stop the antibiotics so the worst should be over.

I once read in a photography/scrapbooking book that you should take pictures of these types of events because those are the things your kids will want to see. I think that might be more true of boys but still, I took the pictures. I don't know about putting it in our photo books though, I don't ever want to think about it again.   But actually, looking at these pictures, it doesn't look as bad as it does in real life (or should I say "in my head") so maybe a scrapbook page wouldn't be so bad.

Being spoiled on Tuesday: A cup of pedialyte, the joy of not being asked to wear clothes and Caillou. What more could a kid want?

 Wednesday: Made to wear clothes and go to bed on time. Hmmm, what is happening to my royal treatments? (Not a great shot of the wounds but you can see how much her face is swollen still)

Back to our routine on Thursday. Real underwear and a trip to the park. I guess my normal life isn't so bad. (The bruising is actually looking worse but she seems to be less concerned about protecting it). Although she is still really worried that the random strangers she meets are going to come up and poke her face. When we first got to the park, it was empty and she had fun. Then a few moms and tots showed up and she freaked out, wouldn't let me put her down and kept trying to cover her face. I told her they were nice moms but she just kept saying "no, no, no" and wouldn't calm down and so we left. But she saw a puppy and got all excited, jumped up and down, waved to him and yelled puppy...at least this doesn't appear to be creating a fear of dogs issue.

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  1. Poor little Lucy.

    It's interesting that the whole thing has made her afraid of people, but not dogs. But then I guess that goes to show how much taxing the stitches ordeal was for her than the dog bite itself.