7 quick takes

We got back last week from our third major trip this summer, not to mention Craig's trip to DC without us. Seeing as it takes us a week to prepare for a trip and about a week to recover from one, I've been dealing with traveling issues for over 6 weeks straight now. They were all good, but boy am I tired. I should say that this is it and we are done. I should, but I can't. I just signed up for a CM conference later in July. At least I know I'm crazy!
I never realized how many grocery stores I frequent until I have to replenish our pantry after being gone. I go to 5 regularly! Trader Joe's, Costco, Local health food store, regular grocery store with nice selection and the closest regular grocery store that generally speaking has a poor selection so I only use it for last minute things and eggs. I like their eggs. That's a bit ridiculous. Of course, I don't normally go to all 5 every week, but this week we needed to stock up at TJ's and Costco but I also needed toothpaste from the health food store and eggs from the nearby one. I still need to swing by our regular store and pick up a few things I couldn't get elsewhere but I'm too tired of being in stores. And so are the kids. I shudder to think what our grocery store schedule would be like if I did the sales and couponing things like I used to.

I'm really ready to start frequenting the pool. Last year the annual pass dropped to 50% off after the 4th of July weekend and I really hoped that would happen again but so far no luck. The pool wears me out but it always seems to wear the kids out more so I take it. Crossing my fingers this week is the sale although if not we can just pay each time, its worth it for a smooth bedtime.
Speaking of wearing kids out, anyone have tips on how to convince a toddler than he doesn't really want a 10pm bedtime? Right now we are trying to wake him up early every day plus lots of physical activity. I think it's working but I might just be too tired to know what day of the week it is, let alone what time of day.
 I recently hit my Goodreads challenge goal of 50 books this year. I guess I set it too low. This is my first year to track what I read so I really had no idea how much I normally read. I do know that I've read a lot more this year so far than normally I do. I'm not sure if that is because I set a goal for myself, because I have tried to make it a priority this year or because my kids are finally big enough that I can let them play in the backyard while I sit and read. Probably a little of each.
 I'll admit a little secret about these photos. Our camera is kinda broken. It keeps deciding that it doesn't want to fully open so I had to use some packing tape to manually keep the lens open. It looks ridiculous but I couldn't let the 4th of July and the cute patriotic outfits that accompany it go by without getting any pictures.
Wow, 7 things is a lot. I think for once, I've run out of things to say. Is that a first? Oh, but I do have a question for you all. Where do you buy t-shirts? They are pretty much a staple in my wardrobe but right now I only have one t-shirt that doesn't have a stain or hole in it, and that remaining one is white so its only a matter of time. Thin but not see through, available in colors not just b&w, and modest necklines. Embellishments nice but not necessary.

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