The things they say

Lucy, frustrated that her duplo isn't working: Here mom, you try it.
Me: Oh, you're right, this one is really tight, I'm not sure why.
Lucy: I think it's been corrupted.

Lucy: Here is some pretend bread. Don't worry, I made it gluten free for you.

Lucy must have inherited Craig's love of re-invention song lyrics. She was playing with glitter glue when I heard her singing "When we glue, something new, let's talk about what we'll glue" (which is a spin of this Daniel Tiger song)

Craig comes home to two wildly silly kids and asks "Are you guys being silly?"
Lucy: Yes. Mama thought she was giving me a probiotic but she really gave me a silly pill.

I read the kids their naps stories and told Jonah to climb into bed while I tucked Lucy in. A few minutes later I heard him talking to himself "Mama la (loves) you, dada la you, noona la you, chickie la you..."

Jonah's getting very independent these days so to preempt tantrums I'm often asking him if he wants help or wants to do it himself. His response? "Me Jojo I!" Because you might not understand the first or second time I guess.

Since everyone else takes turns saying prayers in our house, he seems to think its time he gets in on the rotation. Last night it was "Jojo pray" so we said okay and bowed our heads "Da gah (pause) ah - may!" Short and sweet, just how I like them ;-)

Oh these kids, they are driving me crazy this week but I do love them so. 

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