Thoughts on thoughts

I'm testing different ways to write about the small stuff in my life. I really want to get back into doing that. Big topics I've been thinking about are nice and those posts help me mentally sort my thoughts but I want to capture the story of our days right now. The backyard full of bubbles and baby pools and no where to go but the grocery store days. But I am finding it surprisingly hard. I'm not sure if it's a case of too little to talk about, too much or perhaps just no structure. I've done the "quick takes" before and of course there is always the random bulleted list but nobody really wants to read that, not even me. I guess I'll try a day book sort of post next. All that to say -  please be patient with me if you see all sorts of random posts but feel free to chime in if you particularly like a style or have any ideas.

So many things. Ack! While I like the practice of keeping several books of various easiness levels, I kinda got carried away and had seven going at one point last week. But my kindle broke so that took off two temporarily and then I finished two and I can breathe a bit again. But I'm sure my list will start expanding soon. I do need more light hearted and easy reads. If its 9:30 and I'm trying to choose between Guns, Germs and Steel and Charlotte Mason's 6th volume, I am apt to choose C and go with a k-drama instead.

Elizabeth Foss' Summer in the Little Oratory podcast. I just finished the book (see above) but I really want to go back and read it slower and think about how to apply it to my (protestant)life. I might blog about that.

Illnesses are the one time I pretty much let the kids have free reign with tv programs. Nothing really works as well at keeping vomiting toddlers in one spot as a screen to watch and that really is a key part to surviving a tummy bug with a child who doesn't understand the idea of a bucket. TV and towels, lots of towels. But since they aren't used to a lot of tv, I have to scramble to find things they want to watch. Peter Rabbit and friends on youtube was a big hit since Lucy knew the stories already. They are nice and slow and I don't mind watching them myself. The kids are all better now but Craig had a meeting tonight so he helped me get everyone ready for bed early and we watched The Roly Poly Pudding until it was late enough that they would actually fall asleep.

Where did summer go? I love school supplies at least as much as the next gal but it makes me a bit sad to see them so early especially knowing that many kids are headed back in just a few weeks. We're still trying to soak up as much fun and sun while we can though. That said, I do have education on my mind because...

Planning and Preparing
I'm getting ready for my first real homeschool conference! I'm headed to the Continuing the Conversation Charlotte Mason Conference in Peoria, Il this weekend and I don't think I've been this excited about an event in a long time. Craig and the kids will be coming along but exploring the city (and hanging out in the hotel pool) on their own which means I will have all that time to think and talk to like minded mamas and go to the bathroom whenever I want with no one complaining about how I'm abanding them. Bliss!

Checking for eggs multiple times a day. Our chickens started laying about a week ago. It's amazing how exciting it is. Thinking back to my fairy tale post, it's another example of the miracles of God's world. I know where eggs come from but when its your chickens and you look and nothing is there and then suddenly, there is a egg. Joy! The kids are even more excited which is why we have been checking every time we go outside and every time they see a chicken leave the coop or enter the coop or look at the coop. But I can't blame them. It probably won't be as much fun to trudge out through the snow this January so I might as well have fun with it while I can.


  1. This is the main reason I'm not blogging right now. I can't seem to get my thoughts together about my daily life, but I don't want to jump into anything controversial in writing because I don't have the time to write about things carefully enough to (hopefully) avoid damaging relationships.

    I appreciate you making the effort to keep putting your writing out!

  2. Thanks. I've found that I really miss it when I don't write and I'm very thankful anyone chooses to read what I say. I'm also really blessed to have friends that even if they don't agree with me, choose to take all my talk with an understanding attitude - or at least I think they do :-)

  3. I wanted to add that I do hope you find a way to fit some blogging back in, if not now, then someday because I always enjoyed your posts.