Fun in/around Logan

My sub job for today got canceled last night so I was suddenly open to new jobs. I hate it when I don't know in advance. I don't sleep well the whole night because I am dreading the very early phone call saying I am needed. Even when you don't get called you never know if they will call at 7:30 saying I need to be somewhere in 15 minutes so I still had to get up at 6:45 and get ready. That was today. But, on the bright side, since no one called, I have a whole day free to get stuff done. Not only important stuff like writing an excessively long post in this blog, reading the newspaper, and taking a nap but also the things on my to do list that didn't get done over the weekend such as packing and cleaning. I always like to leave my place clean when I leave so I don't have to come back to a mess. (This is totally my mother's fault). I had very lofty ambitions for the weekend but in the end we just had fun.

Our first big stop was the Willow Park Zoo. There had been a bit of controversy locally over the zoo so I wanted to check it out for myself. Currently it costs $1 for adults, and 50 cents for kids and is based on the honor system using a self-pay box but there is a movement to build a booth and bump up the costs to $2 for adults and $1 for kids. Before going to the zoo, I was for the increase but now I am not so sure now. But back to the fun part about the zoo - the animals. There aren't tons of animals there but there are a fair amount of birds, some turtles, fish and a couple mammals. I will just spotlight a few of our favorites.

This is a sandhill crane (Grus canadensis). He was very friendly and came up almost too close the wire fence separating us, but still he is cool.

Ah, the bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus). A symbol of the United States of America. This particular bird wasn't very representative of freedom because he was injured before he came to the zoo and can no longer fly but I thought he still looked very regal and powerful. Craig thought I was just giving him characteristics because that's what I was taught he represented. Maybe slightly, but even if I wasn't such a patriotic person, I would still think the bald eagle is a pretty cool bird with his own kind of attitude. Besides he beats Benajmin
Franklin's pick of the turkey (Meleagris gallopavo). This guy was

very funny and determined. He kept fluffing himself up and strutting his stuff for the female but she was just not interested at all. I don't think she really should have been so picky because one, he was the only male there and two, she was probably the ugliest bird I have ever seen. She looked like some kid had stuck here in a washer.

My last picture is of a duck. There are a number of different ducks there but I thought this type was the most unique. I don't really know what type he is or have anything else to say about him. I didn't get any good pictures of any mammals. Their cuteness doesn't translate very well.
After the zoo we went on a hike up to the Wind Cave. It's a nice hike, a little over 2 and half miles round trip. I look dorky in the picture but it's the only one of the both of us so too bad for me. I am really beginning to enjoy the loveliness of a Cache Valley Spring. After we get back from England, it should be warm enough that we can plan a camping trip for some weekend. That makes me happy.

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  1. i love the latin names included like they have on the plaques outside of the cages :) nice touch!