Let's ask the masses

As I was trudging home from work today, I suddenly remembered that it was Friday. I'm not really sure why that fact has escaped me for so long since I normally think about the joy of Friday all day long, but it did. After that, the rest of the .8 mile walk home seemed like a mere two or three steps. Especially since next week I only work two days then it is off to England for our honeymoon.

Ah, my honeymoon. This leads me to my question. Should I rely solely on Craig's digital camera or should we also take along my fancy, albeit big, SLR camera? Here is the list I have been using to try and help me decide?

Reasons for taking fancy camera:
- takes amazing pictures
- printed pictures for my scrapbook don't look all weird like digital ones do

Reasons against taking fancy camera:
- large and heavy
- possibility of it being lost, stolen and/or broken
- joy of looking like a tourist...but it still isn't as bad as a video camera

The list is failing. I still can't decide. I think the biggest reason for taking the camera is that I will feel more obligated to ask people to take the cliche pictures of us I so desperately want (Craig and I standing in front of Beefeaters, Craig and I eating fish and chips, etc) . In my mind, if I drag the camera all the way to England I have no excuse not to ask a friendly British pedestrian to take a second and help us out. And if they even think of refusing us, we will see it in their eyes and before they have a chance to say no I will chime in with, "oh thanks, we're on our honeymoon". Who can turn down someone on their honeymoon? That's just cruel.

But just when I think I have decided to take it, I reconsider. When I am exhausted from walking all over London and still have an hour left of my Jack the Ripper walking tour, will I really want an extra couple pounds hanging around me neck? And while my camera bag's shoulder strap can be tucked away and replaced by a belt strap to turn it into a fanny pack, I don't think I can be that lame. I might as well wear a ball cap, shorts, and black socks with sporty sandals.

At this point, I think I will leave it up to you, new but soon to be faithful readers. Should it stay or should it go?


  1. Well, it seems to me that if you're going to have a fancy camera, you would want it to be able to take some really sweet pictures. And where better to take really kickin' pictures than on your honeymoon? In England!?
    I also vote for making Craig carry it.

  2. Take the nice camera. You only do your honeymoon once. And you don't ALWAYS have to carry it with you.

    England? I'm jealous guys- one of the places I would just die to go! Have fun!

  3. I am with Rachel, bring the camera, and let Craig carry it! :) you only Honeymoon one time, and youre going to London, not just Florida or somewhere you may visit soon again.

  4. Okay, "take the camera" has won by a landslide. Craig and I will stop off at Wal-mart after church to pick up film and other traveling supplies like a money belt and candy. Normally I don't like non-chocolate candy that much but somehow I always crave it on planes. I normally bring along gum too but since my TMJ prohibits that I will have to make do with just candy.