We bought a new home...

...for Gus-Gus. He had figured out how to climb up the walls of his old one and bang his head against the ceiling to knock it off and escape. This led to a couple of midnight chases around the living room to capture him. We scoured the pet store to find the most escape proof cage and at least for now, he is contained. His new one, which you can see below, is much roomier than his old and has space for his little nest-room, a new chewable log tunnel and a bigger wheel. Gus-Gus has been more active lately and I take that as a sign he approves. We also like it better as we can see into his home without looking through colored plastic. It doesn't have the fancy tubes for him to crawl through which is sad for him but great for me since cleaning them was a big pain. Overall, we are happy with our purchase. Take a look for yourself.

1 comment :

  1. That is one fly hamster pad.
    Also, I'm very excited about the existence of this blog. It's one stop shopping for all my Crakenzie needs!