Maybe I was wrong about Logan

In general, Logan is your typical small Utah city. Well, I don't really know that for sure seeing as I haven't lived in any other small Utah cities but for all you non-Utahans out there, picture a small Utah city and you will probably have a fairly accurate image of Logan. Mostly, it is boring but every once and a while I am reminded that there is a bit of scandalousness here too.

But before I get to the scandalous part, let me back up a little but to describe downtown. Downtown is one of my favorite parts about Logan because it seems so quaint. There is the
local LDS book/toy/scrapbook store and an antique book store that I have never found any books I want to buy but I love the smell of the store anyway. Downtown is where you can grab dinner at the The Bluebird. The Bluebird opened as a candy shop and you can still get candy there (I like the chocolate covered honeycombs myself) but you can also sit at the counter and have a milkshake or grab a booth and have some good ol' American county fried steak (or ever since the Xu family took it over, one of the many Asian inspired dishes). Across from the stores is the the Tabernacle. It is pretty but I don't do much over there. Anyway, now that you have a firm picture of downtown, here is the for the scandalous part: The Persian Peacock.

The Persian Peacock is a little boutique that proclaims it is "in the business of enriching love lives." I will leave the rest to your imagination (or your google skills). Just knowing it is there makes me laugh but in the 4 months I have been here it has been in the news in some form or another ( radio, newspapers, local blogs, etc) on two separate occasions.

The first was an incident that occurred at the Polar Plunge. Some of you may remember Craig's participation in that oh-so-cold event. Anyway, there were several categories in which you could win, one of which was "Most scantily clad" (or something to that effect). The winner of that particular contest would win a gift certificate from the Persian Peacock. Nice idea until the winner was announced to be a high school girl. Apparently the mother was okay with it and said that her daughter shops there all the time but some people weren't so thrilled. I was happy because most of the jumpers were either teenagers or middle age men and I for one would much rather have a girl in a bikini win than a guy in a speedo - I don't like to encourage that kind of behavior. The mortified few might have been momentarily distracted by the announcement that the cutest couple winners, another young high school couple, just won a weekend getaway. The paper announced that they were strongly encouraged to pass on the gift to their parents. Hopefully next time the organizers of the Polar Plunge will try and find prizes that don't cause such a commotion.

The second time I heard about the P.P recently through the other blog Craig posts on. Apparently the Peacock is advertising for a new sales associate on Craiglist in a most unique way. So if any of you want to move to Logan to work there and eat at the bluebird, it's a total possibility. Granted, those questions may not all be legal and would most definitely knock me out of the running if I was applying, I still think they have a right to ask them. It's her company and she should have the right to hire whoever she wants, I just don't think the government feels the same way as I do. Anyway, maybe Logan isn't quite as boring as I sometimes think it is.


  1. Why do you suppose they ask whether applicants shop at Wal-Mart?

  2. Gee, and you settled for a crummy secretarial position when that job was open!