There are three semi- good reasons why I am about to post what I am about to post:

1. Craig has been wanting me to post as the last 5 posts were by him. So I am posting, despite the fact that he might be upset that I am lowering the respectability level of this blog so drastically. While this concern is valid - too bad.

2. I want to prove that Rachel is not the only one who can put a video in her blog.

3. I had seen this video earlier but when I saw this on another blog today, it completely turned around what was the beginning of a plunge into a weird funky mood. So, as much as I feel bad for stealing a post idea, I felt I had to share the joy that was so generously shared with me. Besides, it has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Google video so I am not the only one to find it amusing.


  1. Ha! I love that video :) Marlis sent it to me some time last spring and it cracked me up :) the weener dogs in the amazon!

  2. Hey, you just made my day :) Funny, with the new video on the news about Hasselhof . . . that line from the song about "you got me thirsty for another cup of wine" rang pretty true. Sad, but, true. MOM

  3. I love my mom, who by the way, wishes to remain anonymous.

  4. I love that your mom's anonymous but signs her name. :) And the video is very funny!!