Parting Shots at Billy G.

The closing article in the current edition of Texas A&M's 12th Man Magazine takes a few jabs at departed basketball coach Billy Gillespie. For instance:
  • "Oh, and one more thing...please return that maroon blazer we gave you three years ago. You never looked quite comfortable in it."
  • "To Gillespie, A&M was merely a stepping stone. It was never going to be a permanent - or even a long-term - destination. He's a nomad at heart, as evidenced by the fact that Kentucky represents his 11th job in the last two decades."
This suggests that we knew all along that he'd leave, which is clearly not the case.
  • Gillespie is not likely to last long at Kentucky, either...Because of his lifestyle and his singular focus...Gillespie will have wandering eyes, once again."
This is in reference to his lack of a life outside of basketball. What was endearing a few weeks ago is now a flaw. The article goes on to talk about how the new coach is a family man who will make connections in the community and go to football games and maybe stay here long enough for his 2-year-old to graduate from high school in College Station. That strikes me as quite unlikely.

One more quote:
  • "Quite frankly, he's (Turgeon) a more experienced head coach on the college level and an even better fit at A&M than Gillespie. That's not sour grapes. That's the truth."
That's quite a bold statement. Well the urge to say these things is understandable, it seems quite petty and unnecessary. Also, I'd wait to see what the new coach does before putting him on such a pedestal.

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