Cloth on a Newborn? Part 2

So what exactly have I been using with Lucy? Well, I started with:

2 dozen Cloth-eez newborn size unbleached: Cloth-eez prefolds are only available from Green Mountain Diapers. They come in more sizes than the typical blue/green prefolds you see other places but are supposed to be the top of the line in quality and more sizes means a better fit. Some people say you can go straight to a infant/small prefold and skip the newborn size. That would mean you save about $40 but I wouldn't unless you are really sure your babe is gonna be big. At 7lbs, 14 oz, Lucy was a fairly average-sized baby and the newborns fit nicely and will probably continue to fit for a while longer. I think the infant size would have been huge on her. Two dozen is enough to get us through two days so if we wash every night we have plenty of time to let them dry in the sun.

Five Covers: I have three different cover types. While I definitely have my preferences, I have to say that they have all functioned well and we haven't had any out of covers leaks.

Prowraps, Newborn size (hook and loops): At $7.75 and coming only in white, prowraps are a basic and boring but inexpensive cover. They work well and were the only one of my covers to have an umbilical scoop so they were my favorite for the first week but now that Lucy is 3 weeks old and approaching 9lbs, they are getting a big snug. They still fit, it's just harder to make sure the prefold is tucked.

- I got the retro pattern but while it's cute, it's my least favorite cover. It's really big and runs high on the waist. Plus having to mess with both a snap and the velcro is weird. It might be nice if you have a toddler who wants to take off their diaper but with a newborn it is just annoyingly slow. Having said that, I do like how the inside feels and the newborn size is supposed to work up to 14lbs so I might like it more when she moves to the larger prefolds or with my small fitteds.

Thirsties Due Size 1 (one hook/loop, one snap) - These are my favorite. They worked well from the start and have only gotten better. They seem to be the best quality of all three, the fabric is nice and they have laundry tabs. They don't have an umbilical scoop but when I tucked the prefold down, the cover was high enough off her skin that it didn't touch and wasn't an issue. They are large and high enough that the prefold easily fits inside but don't seem to swallow her up and feel trim. I like both the velcro and snaps. The velcro is faster and you can get a more precise fit but the snaps seem like they will have more longevity. Right now Lucy needs the waist to be in 5 snaps which unfortunately means I have to go two in on one side and three on the other. It doesn't effect performance but my OCD side doesn't like it at all. But if you are breastfeeding and doing a lot of skin to skin contact, the snaps are nicer. Sometimes velcro can rub mom uncomfortable. I never would have though about that pre-baby , but it does happen. And while at $12.25 they may seem more expensive, once you consider that size 1 will replace both a newborn and size small cover, they are actually a really frugal option. Plus, they come in cute colors and patterns! If I had to do it all over again, I would probably go with all Thirsties covers for a newborn.

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